Wychwood Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition

Tue 04 August 15


First Look

When buying a reel, the number of manufacturers now producing cost effective, good quality reels is far greater than ever before. These means one thing, the selection of a reel that is right for your fishing and at the right prise is now harder than ever before. To make life a bit easier for you, the UKCA team have been on the look out for a reel that is versatile, good value for money and performs superbly. So after a bit of research we stumbled upon the Extricator 6000 from Milton Keynes based Wychwood.

Wychwood Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition

Vital Statistics

The Extricator 6000 ACS Reel from Wychwood has been designed for us in situations where big reel is not required but with all the relevant features you’d require for big fish work. The reels compact size and lightness means that it lends itself perfectly to close quarter stalking and floater fishing situations.

The Extricator 6ooo ACS features 6 stainless steel bearings, that enable this compact reel to produce a 5:1 retrieve ratio. To prevent line twist, it feature the Anti-twist line roller which virtually eliminates any twist on fast retrieves All of this is backed up by a high strength drive gear that incorporates a Worm shaft system, which produce a silky smooth osculation.

To keep the line control under total control, the Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition features a Stainless steel, large bail arm that feels incredibly strong and solid. Supplied as standard, you get 2 anodised spools that are clearly marked with the line capacity in both breaking strains and diameters.
Both of the spools are fitted as standard with Wychwood’s innovative ACS Clip System that enables you to clip up without damaging the line on a violent take.

To complete the packages you get the choice of either a single or double handle, and both options feature a with soft grip
handle. So even when the weather is that cold, it feels like your fingers are breaking, you’ll still be able to securely hold the handle comfortably.

Wychwood Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition

First Impressions

The Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition reels offer you the angler a hell of a lot of reel for the money. Two spools, the option of single or double handles, front drag,free spool facility, and exceptionable line lay, what more can you ask for! For the full RRP of £49.99 you get a hell of a good reel that you’d have paid a lot more for a few years back.

Foot Note – We’ll be pairing the Extricator 6000 ACS Limited Edition up with the Wychwood Extricator Floater12ft MLT rod and testing them both out on the bank very soon, so until then watch this space.


Visit the Website: http://www.wychwood-carp.co.uk/