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Sat 05 April 14


When it comes to lead arrangements, I am sure that many of you reading this will agree that there has not been that much real innovation since the advent of the Safety Bolt Bead (Kevin Nash’s original lead clip) and other standard lead clips. A year or so ago, one of the UKMA team saw the Angletec Dynamic Lead System on social media, and after him literally begging to try these out for himself, Angletec were pleased to hand over a bag containing the components that make up the Angletec Dynamic Lead System for the team to take a look at and put through their paces.

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The Angletec Dynamic Lead System is a new lead system for specialist anglers, that offers greater hooking efficiency than an in-line or lead clip set up, extremely reliable lead ejection that is less of a risk than with in-line drop-off or lead clips, as well as being more tangle resistant than other similar lead arrangements.

The Angletec lead system is based on 4 components: the dynamic lead, run rig clip, the inboard insert and a silicone ring (Gripper Sleeve). Each of these components play a key part to how the Dynamic Lead System works. The diagram below shows how the Dynamic Lead System is assembled

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The position of the Silicone Ring/Gripper Sleeve determnines how much pressure is required to pull out of the lead on the take. With smaller leads, the ring is positioned towards the swivel end of the Inboard Insert as in this position, the Inboard Insert is presented with less grip on the lead. With larger leads, sliding the Silicone Ring to the other end (towards the narrow neck) of the Insert gives more grip and requires more pressure to release allowing for the full weight of the lead to be felt before the fish shakes its head and the Insert releases, turning the lead arrangement in to a free running lead, removing the weight of the lead being used to jettison the hook which is what can happen with wily fish.

Angletec have designed the Dynamic Lead system in a very clever way so that regardless of size or shape of the lead in the system, the hooklink will always exit the lead at the heaviest part of the weight or centre of gravity. This ensures that when the fish tightens the hooklink and feels the lead, the maximum amount of pressure is applied to the hook point aiding the hooking potential of the set up.

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By incorporating an anti-tangle sleeve to your hooklink, the hooklink is pushed away from the lead arrangement on the cast which virtually eliminates any chance of tangling, as well as kicking away the hook from the lead on settling on the bottom of the venue. By using physics calculations, Angletec have determined that the 155 degree angle that the hooklink exits from the lead at ensures that the hooklink is kept away from the lead and tubing on the cast. The lead design has also been calculated and tested to be stable in flight meaning that the distances that you could cast a traditional setup to can still be met with the Angletec Dynamic Lead System.

The Run Clip of the system has a couple of tasks. The first is that the Run Rig clip ensures the lead stays on the line unless it becomes snagged where the lead can release from the clip which has been calibrated to take any guess work out of how much pressure is required to “drop” the lead. If the lead is “dropped”, the Run Rig clip is still free running on the line, so it is an easy job to replace the lead and cast back out again after landing the fish. This also means that when packing assembled rods away, the lead can be removed to avoid any damage to expensive carbon fibre rods or rings in transit. In the same manner, changing lead size during a session is also quick and simple to do. The second use is as the name suggests, in that it the Inboard Insert is inserted without a Gripper Sleeve fitted, the Dynamic Lead System can be used as a traditional free running set up.

The Dynamic Lead System range now includes 2 designs of lead: Tapered Pear lead and Gripper lead. The Tapered Pear lead is the multi purpose lead of the range, but the Gripper lead (pictured below) has a neat feature that allows you to tie a PVA mesh bag to the lead itself via a drilled hole in the lead itself. This allows the PVA bag to be cast and not jettison the lead on impact with the water which can occur with some traditional style systems. Both types of lead and components are available in both green and brown colourations to suit the majority of substrates being fished over.

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Not wanting to sit back and test each individual swivel on the market for use with the Dynamic Lead System, Angletec have also released the 3 main types of swivel in size 8 grading to suit the system perfectly. The swivels available are Standard (20 per pack), Ring Swivel (8 per pack) and Quick Change (10 per pack). The Gripper Sleeves are available separately also in packs of 25 rings per packet, as are the Component Packs containing Run Rig Clips and Inboard Inserts in either Green or Brown supplied in packs of 5.

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First Impressions On first glances, the Angletec Dynamic Lead system looks complicated, but in reality is as simple to use as any other traditional lead arrangement. Everything fits together as they should and the Gripper Sleeve does what it has been designed to do perfectly. On bench tests, simply picking up the hook and a quick shake of the lead, the lead becomes free running on the line or tubing – EVERY SINGLE TIME! Moving the Gripper Sleeve along the Inboard Insert changes the amount of force required for the release so you can fine tune it for exactly your own personal requirements. The swivels lock in to place as they should, as do the Run Rig Clips. We have been looking forward to putting the Dynamic Lead System through its paces on the bank and as we always do here at UKMA, our thoughts and findings will be added at a date in the very near future once we have fully tested them. We cannot see any reason to why they should not perform as they have done in our preliminary testing, and even performing the lead shake in a bucket of water, the lead – both Tapered Pear and Gripper) released every time it was tried.

The Angletec Dynamic Lead system is now available in all leading specialist shops. The Lead System packs contain 2 leads of identical size and the reuired components to start fishing straight away (leads, inboard inserts, run rig clips and gripper sleeves) and have a RRP of around £5.00 to £5.50 depending on the lead size.

The Component Packs (Run Rig Clips and Inboard Inserts) have a RRP of £3.99 per packet with the Gripper Sleeves retailing at £2.99 per packet. All in all, the pricing is extremely competitive when you tally up the cost of individual leads, clips, tail rubbers, etc to make up a traditional arrangement. Individual leads (just the lead section) are available individually starting at £1.80.




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