Dinsmores Coloured Critical Balance Shot

Fri 05 December 14


With the winter months and cold weather now well and truly upon us. for all you die hard anglers who brave the elements in search of that prized winter fish, the majority of you will use critically balanced presentations, to ensure you bait sits above the vast amount of decomposing debris on the lake bed.

One of the biggest problems with creating critically balanced or popped up rigs in winter is trying to get the right amount of rig putty attached whilst your fingers a frozen and the putty is virtually impossible to use. However, if you are a one of the many like myself who have this issue, Midlands based Dinsmores have come up trumps with the release of the Coloured Critical Balance Shot.

.Dinsmores Coloured Critical Balance Shot

This coloured split shot offer a simple solution to the angler who finds getting a critically balanced rigs spot on every time. in each five compartment dispenser you get AAA, AB, BB ( x two compartments) and No.1 size option. Each size of shot come in five different colours, these are white, orange, red, lime green and yellow, which will perfectly match the colour of the majority of pop ups currently used by most of you reading this.

The Dinsmores Coloured Critical Balance Shot are great idea that will make life much easier for many new comers to the world of critically balanced presentations. By experimenting at home, you can soon figure out what size shot works with each size pop up, which will save you time when out on the bank.These handy multi-coloured shot dispensers are now available from all leading Dinsmores retailers and they sell for £7.99 per pack.

Foot Note – Watch the video below to see exactly how to use these handy multi sized and coloured shot to create the perfect critically balanced presentation.



Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/

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