Korda COG Lead System

Tue 17 March 15


First Look

Over the past decade, carp terminal tackle has seen hundreds of new products that all look the part but many are purely a twist on other products that already perform the task that they’ve been designed for. However, those clever chaps at Korda have a huge reputation for releasing new products that improve rig performance. The latest offering from the Essex based terminal tackle giants is the Cogs Lead System, read on as the UKCA team take a first look at this ingenious new lead system.

Kroda Cog Lead System

Vital Statistics

The COG Lead System is a lead system that betters the hooking qualities of an in line, yet casts like a lead clip, with all its safety benefits. COG stands for Centre of Gravity, which is a reference to the unique way that the hook link is attached to the heaviest part of the lead, giving instant hook setting. Put simply, this system has been designed to convert more pick-ups into fish on the bank.

There are two set up options available in the range. You have the COG Flat Lead system which is ideally suited for fishing over firm lake beds including sand, gravel and first silt. The second option are the COG Distance Lead System, which as the name suggests, is ideal for all distance situation. In each pack you get three of the COG attachments and three lead clips with tail sleeves.

The COG Leads

COG Flat Pear Leads

The COG Flat Pear leads and COG Distance Leads are available in three sizes You have a 2.5z, 3oz & 3.5oz option to choose from, that will pretty much cover all your standard set up needs. these leads feature an insert hole on the top face to locate the COG attachment into, place in the perfect location on every lead for optimum hook penetration.

COG Distance Leads

The COG Lead System set up

Each size of lead has an associated COG boom that has been specifically designed to work with a specific lead. These sizes are clearly marked on the packaging, so as long as you use the correct weight and boom combination, you will get the very best performance out of this original system.

Korda COG Lead System set up

Important info – One point well worth noting is that the COG boom sections are numbered (on the swivel) because it’s essential that they are used with the correct lead. If you use the wrong boom with the wrong lead, the setup simply won’t work as intended.

First Impressions

After having a play around with the Korda COG Lead System, the benefits of this new concept are clear to see. this totally safe system can potentially increase the distribution of leads weight directly to the hook point, increasing the quality of the hook hold on the take. The mechanics behind this clever idea is very good one and could potentially make missed bites a thing of the past but only time will tell. The leads sell for £1.85 each and the COG Booms sell for £4.49 per pack.

Foot Note – The UKCA team will be taking this new lead system out on the bank over the coming weeks to see how well it performs in an angling environment, so until then watch this space!


Visit the Website: http://www.korda.co.uk/

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