Korda Textured Coated Leads

Fri 30 March 12


It was 20 years ago that Korda owner, Danny Fairbrass started to make coated leads available to the masses, and in those 20 years, the coatings have remained virtually the same. Recently Korda were asked by numerous anglers to why they didn’t have textured coated leads in their product portfolio. The answer was simple, in that at the time Korda didn’t know of a coating that would give the anglers any real benefit over what they were already selling, but being at the top of the game, the guys looked into new coatings, and after a prolonged testing procedure, have finally released their version of the textured coated leads.

Korda Textured Coated Leads

The Korda textured coated leads are as the name suggests – a lead with a textured coating. The coatings that Korda have chosen, of which there are two colours, have been made up to closely match the majority of substrates being fished over. The coatings have a soft touch rough coating on them which plays a few factors in the lead. The first is that the coating will pick up small particles of substrate such as silt, sand or clay increasing the camouflage effect of the lead and as long as you don’t clean them off after each session, the effect becomes better over time. The second is that the coating is also semi-porous which means that the lead can be soaked in bait dip or covered in Kiana Goo to increase the attraction in the water. Thirdly, the coating has a matt finish so in shallow, clear water, any light penetrating to the bottom will not be reflected off of the lead.

At time of launch, the textured coated leads from Korda are available in 3 types (Inline Pear, Swivel Distance & Swivel Pear), in 3 sizes (2oz, 2.5oz & 3oz) and in 2 colours (brown or green) per type. Each lead has a RRP of £1.35 each which keeps them in line with the non-textured leads available.
We are looking forward to giving the Texured Coated Leads a good go to see if they make any real changes to our existing setups


Visit the Website: http://www.korda.co.uk/

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