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Tue 06 May 14


Summer is finally here, meaning on commercial fisheries up and down the country, the margins are now a critical area to consider, especially when targeting big bonus fish. One of the best baits used by the modern match angler at this time of year that can fool the most cautious of fish is arguably paste. This very productive bait has developed over the years from being a stiff bait with a long breakdown time, to the near slop that barely stays on the hook, chosen by many of the country’s top commercial fishery anglers. However you choose to fish it, get it right and you can amass a huge weight of fish in no time from depths as shallow as 18inches. After having a look around at what was new on the market, the UKMA team have had decided to put the new for 2014 COMERCILA CARP PASTE MIXES from BAG’EM MATCHBAITS under the spotlight.

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Vital Statistics

This new product has been developed to offer the angler who has minimal preparation time a perfect paste that is simple to prepare and very versatile. There are three flavour options in the Commercial Carp Paste Mix range, these are Commercial Carp Natural, which has a very potent fishmeal aroma and natural colouring when mixed. The second option is the Commercial Carp Green, this fishmeal flavoured option and as the name states, is bright green in colour and once mixed slightly darkens to a natural green colouing. The third option is the Commercial Carp Red Krill, this pale red coloured paste is ideal for use with all krill flavored feed options. You get 500gms of paste in each screw lid pot which is more than enough to last even the most productive of sessions and they sell for £3.49 each.

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Mixing Instructions

UKMA spoke to Bag’em Matchbaits sponsored rod Lee Thornton and asked for his advice on how to get the very best performance out of the Commercial Carp Paste Mix, simply follow the instructions below for a perfect mix every time.

Step 1 – Take a clean adequately sized mixing bowl and a bait tub for measuring water.
Step 2 – Add Powder into the mixing bowl, approximately ½ pint of paste powder will be adequate for most sessions.
Step 3 – Add water at a ratio of 1 part water to 2 parts paste powder and mix vigorously until the mix is of an even consistency.

Bagem Paste Mix 2

Step 4 – Leave to stand for five minutes, your mix is now ready for fishing. Try to keep your paste covered up to ensure that it doesn’t dry out, keeping the ball of paste inside a sandwich bag will keep the bait in tip top condition throughout the session.

Consistency – The ratio described above will be sufficient for most fishing situations, however for anglers who prefer a stiffer mix, add slightly less water, and for those who prefer a super soft paste, add slightly more.

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Foot Note – If you follow these simple instructions, you can produce a perfect past, by experimenting with the amount of water added, you can create a perfect mix for all pole and feeder presentations.


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