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Thu 21 May 15


With summer now just around the corner, this is the time of year that fishing with paste well and truly comes into it’s own. With many options available to the club and match angler, finding one that is right for your fishing can be a very daunting task and also prove to be expensive. One option that has arrived at the doer of the UKMA HQ is the new for 2015 Commercial Carp Paste Powder from Northamptonshire based Bag’em Matchbaits.

Commercial Carp Paste Powder

Vital Statistics

These flavoursome Paste Powder is a dramatic improvement on previous pastes from Bag’em Matchbaits. These new powder mixes can be made to the exact consistency required. You have three flavour options in the range, these are Natural, this has a natural pellet colouring, Green and Red Krill. All three options in the range have a distinctive fish aroma and super fine texture, which makes them very easy to mix.

Natural, Green & Red Krill Powder Paste

How to mix

1 – simply add water to a bait tub or mixing bowl, then add the powder to the water.
2 – Only add a small amount of powder to start with, leave for 10-15 minutes to allow the water to be absorbed by the powder. 3 – If the paste is too soft, add some more powder until the texture is right for the type of fishing you are doing.

Top Tip – The UKMA team have been using the Natural Past Powder as a binding agent for our pellets, when fishing the method in deep water. It fills in all the gaps between the pellets and slows down the breakdown time of your method ball, enabling it to reach the deck in tact every time.

Final Thoughts

The Commercial Carp Paste Powder range has something for all angler who use paste. These versatile paste options can be made as hard or soft as you require, making them ideal for all commercial fishery paste approaches, as well as being ideal for use on big rivers when tempting big bream, chub and barbel. The Commercial Carp Paste Powder is sold in re-sealable, zip-lock bags that contain 650g and all three options sell for £3.99 bag.


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