Sonubaits 50:50 Method Paste Natural Groundbait

Mon 24 June 13


With autumn just around the corner, the big fish are munching to their heart content, preparing for the cold months ahead. If you are in one of the armies of anglers in pursuit of a big beast or looking at big weight on a commercial fishery here is a groundbait that is perfectly suited to your end of summer campaign. The 50:50 METHOD PASTE NATURAL Groundbait has been specially formulated so that it can be used as paste or as a groundbait on the method feeder. This light brown coloured groundbait contains a Smorgasbord of blended fishmeals and crushed pellets. These bind together perfectly to create a superb sticky method mix when you mix the 2kg with 1.5ltrs (2.65pints) of water.

Sonubaits 50-50

This heavy mix is ideal for all deep water method work or when you require a slow breakdown when a patient approach is required when targeting specimen bream, carp and tench. By adding more water (small quantities of water until you form the perfect consistency for the situation at hand), the 50:50 METHOD PASTE NATURAL will then form a paste that can be wrapped around your hookbait or if you find the fish backing away from a method feeder, you can also wrap the paste around a lead to fool the bigger and even the more cautious of specimens.

Final Thoughts

The 50:50 METHOD PASTE NATURAL Groundbait from Shropshire based SONUBAITS is definitely one for all late summer sessions. Ideal for all commercial fishery work on the method or cage feeder, you can add it to spod, spomb or stick mixes, plus if you are fishing close in can be ball it in to create a carpet of fishmeal based feed that all big species will find irresistible. As with most of the SONUBAITS groundbait range, this one is also sold in 2kg re-sealable bags and will cost you £5.99 per bag. That works out at less than £3.00 per kg which is exceptional value for money. You can pick up a bag from all leading SONUBAITS stockist now!!!


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