Dave Harrell Running line floats

Sat 05 May 12


Just arrived in the UKMA office are the latest additions to the ever growing range of products that have been designed and developed by arguably one of the countries finest running line match anglers Dave Harrell and his team of seasoned angling consultants. This latest selection from DHA consists of eight new patterns with something to offer both the river and Stillwater angler. Read on as UKMA offer a quick insight into these eight new patterns and there designated uses.

Dave Harrell new running line floats

Thin Speci Waggler is designed for use on venues with depths from 2-6 feet in depth and can be used on both rivers and still waters and these are available in 2AAA, 3AAA, 4AAA & 5AAA sizes and sell for £1.69 each.

No.1 Truncheon Waggler is designed to offer greater stability and control in deeper water because of the extra length this design offers. This pattern is available in 2AAA, 3AAA, 4AAA & 5AAA sizes and will sell for £1.69 each.

No.2 Truncheon Waggler is the float to use when fishing rivers and using big bunches of maggots or pellet for big barbel and chub. This pattern will also sell for £1.69 each and are available in 2SSG, 3SSG, 4SSG & 5SSG sizes.

No.1 Pellet Waggler is a twist on the standard float pattern that is designed specifically for fishing shallow for carp on commercial fisheries. These sell for £1.79 each and are supplied in 3AAA, 4AAA, 5AAA & 6AAA sizes.

No.2 Pellet Waggler is a float specifically designed for big weight crunching on commercial fisheries and is perfect for fishing anything from 6 inches to 6 feet deep. These are going to be available in 2SSG, 3SSG, 4SSG, 5SSG & 6SSG sizes and will sell for £1.79 each.

Barbel Missile is the kiddie if you are targeting barbel in fast flowing, shallow water but is also the perfect solution to all your fast water presentations where buoyancy is critical. Available in 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 8g and 10g sizes for £1.69 each.

MKII Lignum Stem Shouldered Top Stick If you need a fairly sensitive float tip but need to fish a far way out in a medium flow then this is the float to use. They will cost you £1.99 each and are available in 4 No.4, 6 No.4, 8 No.4, 10 No.4, 12 No.4 & 14 No4 sizes.

MKII Lignum Stem Dome Top Stick is a float pattern that takes over where the shouldered patterns leave off and are the perfect option for really fast flowing water when distance is the key to success. Available in 4 No.4, 6 No.4, 8 No.4, 10 No.4, 12 No.4 & 14 No4 sizes and these also retail for £1.99 each.

Foot Note
On first impressions these look the mutts nuts as do the entire range of DH running line floats currently available but as per usual the UKMA team don’t leave anything to chance and will be putting them through there paces as soon as the rivers are settled back down to a fishable level, so until then watch this space.


Visit the Website: http://www.daveharrellangling.com/