Dino Floats UK - Trux & Carpodream

Fri 22 May 15


Hungarian based Dino Floats are designed to be used by pole anglers who demand the very best performance from there terminal tackle, especially there pole floats. With many of the massed produced floats currently available falling short of the mark. There is definitely a space in the market for a massed produced range of pole floats that will perform close to the standard of the hand crafted models that many anglers can only dream of getting there hands on.

So UKMA have done a bit of research and hand picked a selection of floats from the Dino range, that will do the job they have been designed for and comfortably out class many others similar models currently available from the shelves your local tackle shop. So with Mother Nature finally getting ready to show her beauty and bring everything back to life, the team at UKMA have chosen a couple of patterns that will suit margin fishing situations for you to have a look at.


Dino Floats Trux

These solid, compact floats feature a rugby ball shaped body to give the float utmost stability. For total strength and reliability you have a 1.0mm thick black glass stem which paces through the body of the float and is inserted 20mm into the float hollow sight bristle which is 2mm in diameter, making it perfect for presenting anything from single maggots and casters right through to big baits including corn, meat and big pellet. This pattern is ideally suited for use when fishing shallow margins or on the far shelf of a canal or snake lake but also can be used for presenting baits close to marginal vegetation in depths up to 5 feet in the larger sizes.

The Trux float design also reaps the benefits of incorporating a spring eye which slides over the sight tip and is glued in place just above the floats body. As we have all learned over the years these recent innovations have pretty much taken the place of over the conventional side eye inserted into the floats body when total strength is imperative. These strong and very hardcore floats are finished of with a glossy paint job and are available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5g sizes and each float will cost you around £1.69 each.


Dino Floats Carpodream

This is arguably one of the most popular pole float patterns ever designed for use in all marginal or shallow still water situations. These excellent dibber floats are built around a fibre stem, with a wire eye on the side of the body securely glued in place, and finished of with a highly visible orange coloured balsa-wood bristle which gives these floats exceptional buoyancy even in the smaller sizes. This is one of those great all-round float patterns that will give a stable bait presentation even when using small baits and delicate rigs.

The Carpodream floats are available in 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 & 0.5g and these also sell for around the £1.69 mark.

Foot Note – To find out more about the Dino Floats range, simply click on the link below.


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/