Dino Floats UK - York

Tue 09 February 16


Even though the temperatures are well above what they should be for this time of year, delicate presentations are still producing the best results for the majority of anglers who fishing canals, drains and commercial fisheries. To increase performance, many anglers opt for wire stemmed floats with fine bristles, to register every bite positively, thus increasing the potential catch rate. On float pattern that the UKMA team have been playing around with for a few months, that fits this bill perfectly is the York from Dino Floats UK, read on to find out what it has to offer you the angler.

Dino Floats York

Vital Statistics

This pattern of float is a re-think of the classic pencil float, beefed up to cover the needs of the modern match angler. It features a 1.8 mm diameter hollow highly visible bristle, with a heavily glued side eye and solid wire stem for increased stability and sensitivity. The floats natural green balsa-body with the solid varnish finish gives these floats a top quality Fishing. The wire stem requires a 0.8 mm diameter silicone tube for spot on rig building on all diameters of rig line.

Final Thoughts

Although described by the manufacturer as being a pellet float, the York is ideal for all small bait presentations including pinkie, maggot and caster but also performs superbly when used with a shirt button shotting pattern in the smaller sizes for dobbing bread in the colder months. The Yorks floats are available in 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g & 0.4g sizes and they sell for £1.69 per float.


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/