DJK Floats and Tackle Silvers One

Sun 04 January 15


First Look

With mother nature doing her very bet to keep us off the bank, this is the time of year to make your presentation as delicate as possible. Over the years, numerous top match anglers have made it public that when the going is really hard, their preference in float pattern must include a wire stem. So the UKMA team have been scouring the internet to find float options that are ideally suited to this time of year. Read on as we take a look at the Silver Ones from Barnsley based DJK Floats and Tackle.

DJK Floats Silver One

Vital Statistics

The Silvers One features the classic pear shaped body is manufactured using a rock solid hard foam material and it has been finished in a charcoal grey on the lower body, with a silver stripe around the top, with clear graphics and sizing displayed for instant recognition. This pattern features a stainless steel stem, a hollow tip and a plastic eye, that is described by DJK Floats and Tackle as being “kinder to the line”.

Silver One close up

First Impressions

The Silver One is designed to offer the angler who targets a magnitude of venues including still waters, slow rivers, drains and canals, assured stability and sensitivity of presentation. Based on first impressions, the Silver One range look very well made and on a par if not better than many of the massed produced ranges currently avaialble. There are nine size options in the range from 0.2g, up to 1.75g, with the option of red or yellow tips in all sizes, and you should expect to pay £2.00 per float.

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