Hillbilly Floats - Frosties

Fri 04 October 13


Finally we have had a couple of frosts and its starting to look like this incredibly mild weather we’ve been experiencing for the time of year, has finally given way to freezing cold nights and harsh frosts, pretty much the type of weather we would normally associate with a winters January. With these harsh weather systems comes a period of the year on commercial and natural match venues alike, when the fish are less active and they also become incredibly picky. In fact you are basically trying to catch fish that are about as interested in feeding as I am in a Tottenham Hotspurs result on a Saturday (not at all).

To deal with situations like this, the modern day match anglers have learned from experienced that more sensitive tackle is required to register what can only be described as shy or minimal bites. So rather than using the conventional thick bristles, glass stemmed floats that are more commonly associated with “on the deck” warm weather presentations on commercial fisheries. These hardy anglers have learned to scale everything down and use float patterns, elastics and terminal tackle that are more commonly associated with the pursuit of small silver fish on drains and canals to give them an edge.

Frosties image

Taking these requirements on board, Neil Powell at Hillbilly Floats has been working on a pattern of float designed specifically for these situations and after spending over a year design and testing, the Staffordshire based hand made float craftsman has now released these perfect solution to winter presentation requirements.

The Frosties are the latest additions to the Hillbilly range and are described by Neil as having “a body shape similar to the famous “Chianti” which to the novice or newbie is a streamlined or stretched rugby ball shape that offers minimal resistance but superb stability, even when using the lightest of rigs”.

When designing the Frosties, Neil soon realised that although he now had the perfect design it needed to be a lot stronger that the original, simply because the average stamp of fish would be far bigger than you would normally use a wire stem float for, so the Frosties got a bit of an extreme make-over. They now feature a 0.5 diameter stainless steel wire stem which passes right through the Tech1 closed cell foam body preventing the stem from pulling out which is a common failing in many other wire stemmed patterns. They are also fitted with a 1.2 diameter Hi Viz hollow tip plus a 12mm long stainless steel side eye glued deep into the body.

Hillbilly Top Tip – Best used with a spread bulk and two droppers. It is usually best to keep the hook bait moving by lifting and dropping it or laying the rig into the swim every couple of minutes. This will induce bites which a “dead” bait just will not get noticed especially during the colder months.

Final Thoughts

When fishing in extremely cold water conditions when presentation is a key factor to your fishing, the Frosties are definitely a top option to consider. They’re ideal for all bottom bait presentations when using small expanders, maggots and casters but can also be used for Bloodworm and Joker fishing on all canals, drains and commercial fisheries. The Frosties are available in five different sizes, 0.05g, 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g with the choice of either a red or yellow tips. They are available from the Hillbilly website on-line store for £2.20 per float .

Foot Note – If it shows that your required products are in stock on the Hillbilly shop, your orders will be dispatched within 4 working days, if you require a product and it is showing as unavailable, then on your next visit and that product is in stock, simply order that product separately.


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