Hillbilly Floats HB Blimps Field Tested

Thu 15 January 15


As a very keen match angler I am always looking to find the next best thing in pole float design and innovation. During a recent feature with UK Match Angler I was kindly given a selection of the new HB Blimp pole floats to field test, which I must say on first impressions I was extremely impressed with.

The field test proved a great success and left me feeling very confident with the exceptional build quality and versatility of the floats. Each float has been designed and built using the finest quality materials and with its famous “chimp” shape and strong wire stem, this allows you to use the float with absolute confidence on a wide range of venues.

One thing that I thought would be an issue was the fact that the tip is slightly thicker than I would normally use during the winter months but as I soon found out, this only improved the stability of the float. I dotting the float right down, and I was able to register the slightest of bites perfectly, whilst retaining an excellent level of presentation and stability.

The Hi Viz hollow tips again makes the perfect combination allowing you to see the smallest of indications at distance when fishing maggot and caster hook baits as well as pellet, corn and meat. In addition to the exceptional build quality, the other point worth mentioning is that every float shots up identically, making the whole process of rig preparation much quicker.

Final Thoughts

All in all a great addition to the HB range of pole floats for their sensitivity, versatility and build quality. I look forward to using the New HB Blimp in the coming months.

Nigel Fawkes


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/


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