Hillbilly HB Blimps

Thu 30 October 14


First Look

With the winter months now getting very close, this is the time of year where the bagging floats go to rest until next spring and the more sensitive options become an essential tool for pole presentations in winter matches. Even though originally designed for silver fish tactics on rivers and canals, wire stem floats are becoming very popular amongst the match angling fraternities as the perfect option to enable them to register the slightest of bites. One of the most sort after options currently available on-line are the HB Blimps from Midlands based Hillbilly Floats, read on as the UKMA team take a first look at them.

Hillbilly HB Blimps

Vital Statistics

The HB Blimp is based on the very popular “Chimp” style and shape but with the highly respected Hillbilly design and build treatment added for extra strength. This versatile float is built on a 0.5 diameter stainless steel stem using Tech1 foam which gives the maximum shot capacity for its size and with the wire stem passing right through the body to prevent the old problem of the stem pulling out. The Blimp is fitted as standard with a 1.5 diameter Hi-Viz hollow tips and a stainless steel side eye glued deep inside its body.

First Impressions

The Hillbilly Blimps are available in seven sizes and you have a choice of either a red or yellow tips. They’re ideally suited to all winter pole fishing situations including shy biting canal and river fish, plus they offer exceptional stability and bite indication, when targeting all commercial fishery species including F1’s, carp, skimmers and silvers. The HB Blimps sell for