Dino Floats UK - Lunchy

Thu 02 July 15


It’s that time of year when the fish have had their fun and getting ready to pile on the weight, ready for another long winter to come. During the months of July, August and September, baits with high oil or fat content come into there own. When fishing these baits and meat in particular, a strong, stable and reliable float pattern is need. One float option in this category that has impressed the UKMA team are the Lunchy from Dino Floats, read on as we put them under the microscope.

Dino Floats Lunchy,

Vital Statistics

The Lunchy is an out and out meat float and it’s construction is more than suited to it’s specific job. The float incorporates a 1mm thick white fibreglass stem that passes right through the floats body and finishes 1cm inside the hollow 2.5cm long tip for increased strength. The tip has a diameter of 2.5mm so even when fishing at range, you can see the float perfectly. To finish the Lunchy off, you have a heavily glued stainless steel side eye that doesn’t come out even when under extreme pressure. These float are then finished off with a varnished coat that fully seals the floats two tone green body.

Dino Floats Lunchy close up

Top Tip – You will require a 1.0mm diameter silicone tubing to fit the Lunchy stem.

Final Thoughts

These well rock solid floats have all the characteristics you’d expect to find on a bagging float. All fixtures and fittings used in the manufacture of the Lunchy suit this pattern down to the ground. The graphics are small but can be read (if like me your eyesight is on it’s way out you can always read them under a magnifying glass).

The Lunchy from Dino Floats are available in the following sizes; 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0,5g and 0.6g, with a choice of either red or yellow tips and they sell for £1,69 per float


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/