Dean Barlow Feeder Links

Thu 25 August 16


Over the past couple of years, the UKMA team have been hearing rumors about a feeder rig that numerous members of the England team and many other top matchmen are using on natural venues. One of the major components used in this rig are the Feeder Links, which have been developed and manufactured in association with England international Dean Barlow. So the UKMA team made contact with the man himself, who was more than happy for us to give these highly respected products a proper field test . Read on to find out what you get for your money and how well they perform in an angling environment.

Dean Barlow Feeder Links

Vital Statistics

The Feeder Links by Dean Barlow incorporate some of the finest quality components available to give them the performance and durability required when fishing big feeders at long range. They feature a silky smooth, small black plastic bead, with a small hole through the centre to attach the Feeder Link to your reel line. This is attached to a length of incredibly stiff Fluro carbon via a steel crimp, which makes the connection incredibly strong. At the bottom end, you have an American snap swivel feeder attached, which is also been securely crimped onto the mono. There are three lengths available in the range, these are 2nch (52mm) 3 inch (78mm) & 4 inch (104mm) in length, offering an alternative to suit all aspects of feeder and straight lead tactics.

A silky smooth, small black plastic bead, with a small hole through the centre to attach the Feeder Link to your reel lin
A exceptionally strong American snap swivel feeder attached, for your feeders and leads

Recommended Feeder Links Rig

The Dean Barlow Feeder Links are designed to work perfectly with all mono reel lines and low diameter mono shock leaders , which are essential when using braided reel lines. To get the very best performance, bite indication and anti tangle performance, follow the simple instructions below.

1 – Place a tight fitting line or float stop onto your mono reel line or mono leader, then thread on your Feeder Link and then a second line stop, ensuring that the Feeder Link is between the two line stops.

2 – Take the end of your reel line or leader and twist the line until you create an 6 – 8 inch twisted section and tie off with a figure of eight knot and trim off the tag. This creates an anti-tangle boom and works perfectly even when casting into strog winds

3 – Tie another figure of eight knot at the opposite end to create a small loop for attaching your hooklength too

4 – Now simply attach your hooklength loop to loop and attach your feeder to the american snap swivel and you are ready to go!

The finished rig

Top Tip – By adjusting the distance between the two line stops you can make the rig act as a Bolt Rig by placing the line stops tight against the Feeder Link which is ideally suited when the fish are pulling your rod off the rest. Alternatively, place the line stops as far apart as you want to create a Free Running Inline Rig, which comes into its own when the bites are shy or when targeting small silvers.

Final Thoughts

The key to any quality feeder link is strength, durability and reliability and these offer these key features in abundance, Based on months of testing the Feeder Links both in match and specialist angling situations, they have outperformed many others we have used in the past with flying colours. In fact, we’re still using the original samples that Dean sent to us and all components, fixtures and fittings, look as good as the day they arrived.

Foot Note – You can buy the Feeder Links by Dean Barlow by visiting the Feeder Link page (link Below) and for prices contact Dean via the same link.


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