Drennan Pellet Feeders

Sun 03 May 15


The pellet feeder has seen many changes over the past decade. It has now evolved into a perfectly tuned feeder option, that on it’s day can be a truly devastating feeder option. With both in-line and fish friendly elasticated options now on the market, the pellet feeder is now used to great success on the majority of commercial fisheries in the UK. If you are on the look out for a good quality in-line pellet feeder, that offers variable size options, here’s a range definitely worth having a good look at, introducing the Drennan Pellet Feeder Range.

Drennan Pellet Feeders

Vital Statistics

These latest pellet feeders from Oxfordshire based Drennan feature a shovel-shaped design which enables the feed pellets to fall from the feed much quicker than the conventional cylinder shape pellet feeder design, chosen by many other leading manufactures.

Tapered Base Lead

These low pro­file Pellet Feeders sit­ low down tight to the lake bed and to increase the feeders non unobtrusiveness they’re produced in a sandy brown tint, designed to perfectly blend in against the clay bottom found on most commercial fisheries, as well as pellets and groundbaits.

Low Profile

How to attach

! – Remove the Method Connector Bead from the base of the Pellet Feeder and remove it’s outer sleeve from the internal connector, ready for connection.

2 – Thread you reel line through the Pellet Feeders internal tube, starting at the closed, narrow end of the Pellet Feeder and once the line is all the way through, then tie a small connection loop.

Method Connector

3 – Then place the loop through the out sleeve of the Method Connector Bead, and place the loop into one of the slots on the internal of the Method connector Bead and slide the outer sleeve down to secure your reel line in place.

4 – Then attach you hooklength to the second slot and pull the outer sleeve down to totally cover and securely hold both lines in place. then grab you reel line and pull the bead inside the feeder to create a semi fixed, Pellet Feeder bolt rig, it’s that simple job Done!

Loading the Drennan Pellet Feeder

1 – Fill the pellet feeder with pre soaked pellets and compress them into the feeder, so that it is roughly 3/4 full.

2 – Then place your hook bait or loaded hook length into the space in the feeder and cover with pellets.

3 – then squeeze the soked pellets until you are confident it will stay in the feeder for casting and you are ready to go.

Loading the Drennan Pellet Feeder.

Final Thoughts

After using the Drennan Pellet Feeders in a match fishing environment over the past couple of weeks, the UKMA team have been very pleased with their all round performance. They’re easy to attach (roughly 40 seconds and ready to cast) and even with a strong cross wind, they cast superbly at range.
Three are three sizes in the Drennan Pellet Feeder range; small 30g, medium 35g & large 40g and each feeder is fitted as standard with a Method Connector bead. These quality Pellet Feeders are available from all leading Drennan stockist and all sizes sell for £1.99 per feader.


Visit the Website: www.drennantackle.com