Frenzee Accu Cast Method Feeders & Moulds

Wed 24 February 16


First Look

With the majority of leading brands now producing their own range of method feeders and moulds, trying to find a range that offers something totally different, is a bit of a mission to say the least. However, the UKMA team recently received samples of the Accu-Cast method feeders and moulds from Powys based Frenzee. Read on as we take a first look at these very clever method feeders and moulds, showing what they have to offer you the angler.

Frenzee Accu Cast Method Feeders & Moulds

Vital Statistics

These latest additions to the Frenzee Accu-Cast feeder range offer a method feeder with loads of features. The top frame is manufactured from a hard wearing clear plastic material, that is non reflective, which comes in really hand when fishing tight to features in shallow margins. The top frame of the feeders also features a splash guard that is designed to prevent the bait instantly dispersing on impact with the water.

The one reel stand out feature of these feeders is the Ezee change system which enables you to fish with or without a bait table. This has been achieved by making the in-line rigid attachment tubing removable. With each feeder you get two tube options. One has a bait table fitted ideally suited to situations where the fish are feeding confidently and the second is a plain tube which comes into its own whilst having to wait for bites

How to change the in line attachments

1 – Hold the top of the tube and gently push towards the base of the feeder.
2 – When you here the front two retaining clips pop out, simply push down and lift and the feeder can be removed totally unhindered.
3 – Place the replacement tube into position, place your thumb on the base end of the tube and keeping it flat to the lead base, simply push forward until the two retaining clips click back into the locked position, job done!

First Impressions

These new method feeders from Frenzee are well thought out and
offer great all round versatility. They’re designed specifically for in line rigs, which will make them eceptable on all fisheries that allow the use of method feeders.

Please find listed below all size and weight options available in the Accu-Feeder Method Feeder Range

20grm Small – Perfectly suited to short chuck fishing or fishing on silty bottoms where heavier feeders can ‘plug in’.

30grm Small – For most casting situation where smaller food parcels score well. Great for busy commercial fishing.

30grm Med – Where you need more feed than a small feeder offers or you have to wait longer for bites the 30grm medium base suits perfectly.

45grm Medium – Medium to long range fishing or gusting windy days, this base works perfectly. The added weight will get you where you need to be.

45grm Large – Larger food parcels for increased feed volumes and bigger fish. The 45grm weight is for long chuck fishing where 70m plus can easily be achieved.

60grm Large – For distance situations where you need a larger food parcel for greater catches. 60grms will easily reach 100m with the right tackle and technique.

All the above options are sold as in line feeders, in packs that contain a mould, method feeder and two inserts (one with bait table, one with out) The small options sells for £3.99, the medium for £3.99 and the large options sell for £4.25. The elasticated inserts are available in light (6-12) and heavy (10 – 14) with or without a bait table and these sell for £1.99 per pack.

Foot note – As per usual the UKMa team leave nothing to chance, so over the next few weeks, we’ll be out on the bank putting these latest method feeders from Frenzee through their paces, so until them watch thsi space.


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