Guru Hybrid Feeders

Tue 14 July 15


First Look

Guru have well and truly established themselves as one of the leaders in terminal tackle accessories, specifically designed for the modern match anglers needs. One area of the Essex based companies range that has now found it’s way into the majority of match anglers tackle boxes is their very impressive range of versatile feeders and leads. All products in this range can be used and changed without the need for completely re-setting up your rod. The latest addition to the range that are already making a name for themselves are the new for 2015 Hybrid Feeders.

Guru Hybrid Feeders

Vital Statistics

These cleverly designed feeders are the brainchild of Guru-backed matchman Paul Holland. He’d made made the initial prototypes by using standard method feeder, building up retaining sides made from the plastic packet that the feeders come in! His aim was to produce a feeder that had the compactness of a pellet feeder, but with the aerodynamics of a method feeder.

These totally different style of feeders incorporate several holes in the frame of the feeder to ensure that the bait that you pack onto it can be sucked off the feeder almost as soon as the feeder hits the deck, allowing you to convert casts into bites far quicker. to make the Hybrid feeders ideally suited to all aquatic back drops, they have a green and black camouflage making them ideal for all commercial and natural venue feeder situations.

Hybrid feeders close up

Key Feature – The inclusion of raised sides protects your bait on impact, which comes in handy especially when you’re having to cast long distances. This critical feature ensures that the bait gets to the bottom with minimal loss on the drop.

How to Load

It’s extremely quick and easy to load the Hybrid Feeders. To load, all you do is thumb a little dampened pellet into the base of the feeder, pop your hook bait on top and press a little more pellet over the top, slightly less firmly, the outer layer will break away, revealing your hookbait on the top of your free offerings.

Correctly loaded Hybrid Feeder

First Impressions

The Hybrid Feeder range offers you the angler an alternative presentation to standard method or pellet feeders on pressured commercial fisheries. They enable you to reduce the amount of bait introduced on each cast, which comes in really handy on days when the fish don’t need a lot of free grub!. They’re available in three sizes: mini (24g), small (24g and 36g) and large (36g and 48g) and they can be used either as in-line or with the X-Safe elasticated inserts fitted.

Foot Note – These latest feeder offerings from Guru will set you back between £2.25 up to £2.50 per feeder and they will be in the shops this week! The UKMA team will be taking them out on the bank over the next few weeks to put them through there paces, so until then watch this space!


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