Guru Micro Shot

Mon 17 April 17


Finding the right type of shot for your pole rigs is dictated by a few key factors.Firstly, the shot must be able to stay on the line, secondly it must be accurate in weight and consistent in size, for precise shotting and balance of rigs. Once you’ve ticked these boxes, you’re on the road to finding a good quality shot. One option that the UKMA team have been playing around with since it’s release with great results is the new for 2017 Micro Shot from Essex based Guru, here’s what it has to offer you the angler.

Guru Micro Shot

Vital Statistics

This range of micro shot are extra soft shot, which insures that minimal damage is done to the rig line when fitting and moving shot up and down. They’ve been produced for Guru by Italian based ZLT adn they’ve been manufactured from pure lead to ensure consistent quality. As these shot being evenly cut, this enables the shot to sit neatly on the line enabling perfect presentation. The packaging is slimline in design and sits neatly in a tackle box, and features a clip open lid attached to the main tub, slightly different from the norm but still a very efficient way of packaging these very precise split shot.

Guru Micro Shot close up

Final Thoughts

IF you are in the market for a new split shot for your rigs then this could be just what you’re after. These exceptionally well made pure lead shot have a standard depth of cut making alignment on the rig very simple. Each of the slim lined containers contains approximately 15g of shot, so there is more than enough to make quite a few rigs per pack.

Foot Note – The Guru Micro Shot are available in sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 and are now available from all authorised Guru stockists and you should expect to pay £2.49 per pack.


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