Guru Specialist Gripper Feeders

Tue 02 December 14


First Look

The UKMA team have just received our samples of the new for 2014 Gripper In-Line Feeders. We spoke to the Essex based company’s Media supremo Tom Burns who told us “Guru Gripper feeders are primarily designed to combat flowing water situations, with weights from 1 to 4 oz and a choice between medium and large frames, these feeders can cope with almost all situations.

Vital Statistics

These low profile feeders allows maximum grip on the riverbed with the extra aid of the increased surface area of the lead. Complete with a super strong stem and a weight forward design accurate casting is effortless. Finally with the added feature of a simple interchangeable stem choice between swivel and in-line these feeders can literally cope and suit all feeder fishing situations.

Medium Gripper Feeders

• Available in Medium and Large 1/2/3/4oz

Large Gripper Feeders

• Guru Grippers interchangeable tube system gives the angler the choice of fishing in-line or a swivel attachment.


• The anti roll, low profile design helps combat fast flowing rivers.
• The over mesh design creates a durable feeder to cope with all conditions.

Over-mesh design for added strength

• Designed with the weight forward to aid with casting and accuracy.
• The increased lead surface area increases stability on the lake or river bed.

Increased lead surface for assured grip

• The Guru Camo colour creates a natural camouflage.

Final Thoughts

Based on the UKMa team having a good look at the Guru Specialist Gripper Feeders, the versatility and design features incorporated into the range, really makes them stand out from the crowd. They will find favour amongst both the match and specialist river anglers for sure but any angler looking for a well designed multi functional feeder range should seriously consider giving these feeders a good look. The Guru Specialist Gripper Feeders are now in all Guru Stockists and sell for £2.45 each in 1oz & 2oz in both the medium and large sizes and £2.75 for the 3oz and 4oz in both sizes.

Foot Note

The UKMA team will be taking these clever feeders out on the bank over the coming weeks to put them through there paces in an angling environment, so until then, watch this space.



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