Guru X-Safe Speed Stems

Mon 26 October 15


The Guru X-safe feeder systems are arguably one of the most popular feeder systems on the market today. The fact that these system are totally fish friendly makes them a huge favourite with both anglers and fishery owners. To make the range even more versatile, the Essex based tackle company have now release a range of new elasticated inserts that feature the excellent Speed Beads released individually earlier this year.

Guru X-Safe Speed Stems

Vital Statistics

These new for 2015 X-Safe Speed Stems have been developed by Steve Ringer, Adam Rooney and Pemb Wrighting, to enable anglers to fish various feeder or lead rigs and change the rig, enabling you to recast in seconds. As with the original X-Safe Stems they simply clip onto a loop on the end of your reel line and changing takes no time at all, which is critical in a match fishing situation. By incorporating the superb Speed Beads, this now enables you to change hook lengths in seconds via a small quick-change swivel which pulls back into the bead to secure the hook length to the rig.

Key Feature

The stems fit Guru’s existing method, pellet and Hybrid feeders plus they also fit the in-line lead range, easily slotting into the existing holes to make an instant quick change, elasticated feeder or lead set-up.

Final Thoughts

The X-Safe Speed stems are available in two lengths for short and medium (short) plus long-range fishing (long) The X-Safe Speed Stems are available in two elastic strengths, these are the black and white. When targeting larger fish. the black (heavy) elastic is great for larger carp and big bream whilst the lighter white version is perfect for F1s, bream, skimmers and smaller carp.The four different stems are sold in packs of two with an RRP of £2.99 and are now available from all leading Guru stockists.


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