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Tue 06 May 14


Kobra PVA Method Feeders 1

Feeder fishing has progressed a very long way from its humble beginnings where anglers adapted the wife’s hair curlers to carry feed. Since then literally thousands of feeders have been released to cover a magnitude of situations and baits. The latest development in this very productive method of catch fish at range is the use of PVA mesh to hold solid pellets and other PVA friendly particles in a tight ball for accurate feeding on venues where the standard method feeder is ignored by the resident fish.

Since its inclusion as a recognised means of putting small quantities of feed around your hookbait, one of the biggest issues has been ensuring that the bag stays on during the cast and secondly to ensure that all your feed is distributed on the dec and not on its way through the water column. Taking these issues on board, Leicestershire based KOBRA FEEDERS have come up with a really clever solution to these problem, with the release of the PVA BAG METHOD FEEDERS, read on as the UKMA team take a first look at these latest method feeder alternatives.

PVA Bag Method Feeders Elasticated

Kobra PVA Method Feeders Elasticated

This version of the PVA Bag Method Feeders are the perfect solution to ensuring that your feed and hook bait make it straight to the lake bed when casting at long range. They’ve been manufactured utilising an injection moulding process that merges the plastic frame to the lead plate. The durable green plastic used to form the feeders frame, offers a degree of flexibility to eliminate breakages when the feeder is being launched into the horizon or when you are getting violent takes from big fish. The frame features a 45mm long green arm which is where the top of the elastic is connected too. At the top of the arm is a moulded loop to connect the feeder to the reel line via an American snap swivel for quick and easy changing between casts.

Kobra PVA Method Feeders elasticated strip

At the point where the arm joins the main body, you have a small tube which keeps the elastic in place and perfectly in-line at all times. At the base of the feeder you have the second small tube and at the base of this is a medium sized ‘O’ ring to enable easy connection of your hooklengths, and this is also the point where the bottom end of the elastic is connected to. They are really easy to load, simply form a PVA bag to the size of the feeder, pull the elastic out of the way, place the bag in the centre of the feeder, ensuring it is being gripped by the six plastic stabilizing spikes (three on either side of the frame. Then all you have to do is simply lift the elastic over the bag, making sure it is dead centre of the frame and release the elastic to securely hold the bag into position, and you’re ready to cast!

PVA Bag Method Feeders In-Line

Kobra PVA Method Feeders In-Line

With many venues now banning fixed elasticated method feeders based on fish welfare issues, the demand for an in-line version of the PVA Bag Method Feeder has come about and KOBRA have released the an ideal solution. The In-Line version is manufactured in exactly the same way as the aforementioned elasticated option but with a few minor changes made. Firstly you have a silicone rig sleeve that fits over the connection loop at the top of the plastic arm, that once threaded onto your reel line and pushed back over the connection loop, this acts as a guide to keep everything nice and tidy. to connect your reel line and hooklength together, the ‘O’ ring is replaced with a big eyed swivel which fits into the bottom tube.

Kobra PVA Method Feeders In-Line Strip

To attach the PVA Bag Method Feeders In-Line simply remove the silicone rig sleeve from the arm of the feeder and feed your reel line through this, point end first. Then feed your reel line through both of the small plastic tubes and connect the big eye swivel to your line using the smallest eye of the swivel, so that it will easily slip inside the bottom small tube, fitting securely, to create a semi fixed rig which improve the hook hold when you get a bite. to attach the PVA Bag, simply lift and pull the reel line away from the face of the feeder, place the bag in the middle of the feeder, then lift the reel line over the bag, insuring that the reel line is in the centre and simply pull the reel line to tension.

Key Feature

Kobra PVA Method Feeders Key feature

One of the major problems with other PVA Method Feeders currently on the market is there is nothing on the sides to prevent the bag slipping from side to side, even when the retaining elastics re in place. The PVA Bag Method feeders from KOBRA feature three plastic retainers or spikes on either side of the feeder plate, that grip the PVA mesh and prevent any risk of the bag becoming dislodged or slipping off the feeder whilst being cast out.

First Impressions

Although specifically designed for commercial fishery tactics, these feeders will also find favour amongst all anglers in pursuit of specimen bream, tench, roach, crucian’s and even chub and barbel on rivers. On first look these PVA Bag Method Feeders from KOBRA FEEDERS defiantly look the part and have design features in place to eliminated the two major issues normally associated with this style of feeder.

All the components look like they will perform their designated duties correctly and the all concept is spot on! Both designs are available in two size options, you have the small size in a choice of either 20g or 30g and the large size in either 25g or 35g. Both the elasticated and in-line in all sizes sell for £1.99 per feeder and are available from all KOBRA FEEDER stockists or by visiting the company website direct.


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