Nisa Feeders In-Line Pellet Feeders

Wed 23 May 12


With the method feeder either being banned or with the fish simply not responding to it, a new approach was needed. It had become blatantly obvious to many anglers in the know that micro pellet had taking the place of the conventional fishmeal method groundbaits as the chosen feed for numerous commercial venues up and down the country, the demand for a new generation of in-line feeders had arrived. One of the front runners in the race to develop an in-line pellet feeder was Nick Larkin at Nisa Feeders, read on to find out how things developed.

He took a conventional cage feeder and added three simple but ingenious features that became the template for all to follow. All they did at Nisa was to add a solid hollow rig tube for your reel line to pass through which was securely fitted and fastened to top of the lead inside the feeder. At the rod end of the feeder a plastic cross was incorporated to partially block this end of the feeder. Firstly to prevent the pellet being forced out when they were being compressed into the feeder and cast out, secondly to ensure your feed always fell out of the feeder towards your hook bait.

Nisa Feeders In-line pellet Feeders

The third feature was the simplest of connection systems, which incorporated a diamond eye swivel, and silicone sleeve. The sleeve was fitted to the rig tube at the hook length end of the feeder to house the swivel once it is connected to the reel line and hook link, creating a semi-fixed in-line rig that is widely accepted by the majority of fisheries nationwide. When using a short hook length with the pellet feeder, which is the norm and usually with large hook baits they are prone to line twist. To eliminate this problem Nisa Feeders supply the feeder with diamond eyed swivel.

Nisa Feeders In-line Pellet feeders in action

As with all Nisa feeders the overall build quality is first class, every component does the job it was designed to do to create a hard working tool. It has the strength to handle the all pressures it was put under whilst testing, showing no major signs of wear or tear.Is the Nisa Pellet Feeder the best on the market? It’s not for me to say but it does the job it was designed for perfectly.

Sizes available
Mini ………(20g, 28g) Small ……..(20g, 28g) Medium …..(22g, 28g) &
Large ……..(28g, 60g)

Foot Note – All the above sizes sell for £1.65 per feeders are readily available from all Nisa Feeder Stockists.


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