Zinkers Lead Free Weights

Fri 03 May 13


With animal rights protesters, conservation and the anti-blood sport groups now all over angling and trying to make the sport no more. It is our responsibility to prove to the government that anglers are an asset to the environment rather than an enemy. One of the biggest gripes these groups have is the amount of lead still being dropped, discarded or lost in and around our waterways by anglers. We have all unfortunately cast into a snag and found it impossible to retrieve you leads and snapped off. But by using leads that are totally non-toxic this is no longer an environmental issue and one of purely an inconvenience to your pocket.

On a visit to see a mate at Barnsley Bait Company, I was looking through full shelves of stock and discovered these original and more importantly non-toxic Zinkers Lead weight range. This well thought out lead system has been manufactured using Zink Alloy which has been proven to be a far better option than conventional toxic leads. Each lead is attached to a strong big eyed swivel which allows quick change in especially in match angling situations. The Zinkers are then finished of with a smooth brown anti glare coating making them ideal for use when fishing in shallow margins around islands or when fishing small rivers in clear water condition.
The range includes five different patterns that offer the angler a comprehensive lead system suitable for all match and coarse specialist angling situations. You have the Egg Range which is a great all round still water lead pattern that have numerous uses. The Cone and Bomb Ranges are perfect when distance casting and accuracy are an important factor to your fishing and also work well on slow to medium paced rivers and all still water situations. The Tablet and Cube Ranges are out and out still water lead that are perfect for situations when you want your rig to sit low on the bottom when fish are backing off of conventional feeder rigs.

Final Thoughts

The Zinker Lead free weights are one of the most versatile ranges of coarse fishing leads I have ever come across, and I’ve been fishing with leads for years. Each of the five patterns of leads is available in three different sizes 0.33oz/9.4g, 0.66oz/18.7g and 1oz/28g offering a weight and pattern to cover all your angling needs. The real bonus is that these top quality non-toxic leads are sold in pairs for the following prices; 0.33oz are 99p for two, 0.66oz are £1.35 for two and 1oz sell for £1.75 for two. Environmentally friendly, well thought out practical weights range that is great value for money, who can ask for more.

Foot Note – To get Zinker Lead Free Weights into your local tackle shop, they are distributed by Waterline Angling Products, just ask at the counter.