The pike study part 2 with Al Rawlings

Tue 10 March 15


My ongoing Pike study for feeding triggers is worth an update, just when you think you can’t move forward any more on what you already know something else comes to light and needs to be investigated. This was in the guise of an Android app!

Years ago we just had almanac books for the daily moon rise and set times, then affordable computers came along and soon the internet and then lunar programmes too all have played their part for moon and sun times as accurate as they could be.

|Now we have smart phones with downloadable apps, one of these apps that I’ve found and been working with for the last year is a very very good one, as there are many which are not so good.

Plantarium by Andscaloid (Android) ( which is free) is the best app I’ve found for all celestial body times, you enter your geographical position for all the moon times and planetary times for that location. It doesn’t calculate lunar drag times, however since studying past feeding start times some I thought were lunar drag times of the past were actually times from Jupiter or Mars! However lunar drag still exists, adding planetary times to the study has just cleared a few past times up very nicely.

How does this effect pike?

|This is not an exact science as yet, but the phenomenon most certainly exists, I believe it works from a gravity change produced when a celestial body rises or sets on the earth’s horizon. I’ve been following moon times according to sudden pike activity now for nearly 20 years, and those who think its a load of old tosh have been fishing with their heads in the sand quite frankly lol It’s THE answer to sudden pike feeding activity which every piker has experienced many times over.

Space is a fabric, and the best minds in the world do not know what gravity is yet, other than it can bend and distort space and time (Einstein’s Relativity) . Therefore its not out of the question to suggest that sudden pike feeding phenomenon which just so happens to start on the exact same celestial body rise or set or moon time/lunar drag time has switched the pike suddenly on the feed.

Some how pike and all fish plus animals and birds feel this gravitational change and suddenly wake up. Also it either increases or decreases the wind or it changes direction on these times too! It’s amazing to watch nature at work, and have an insight into one of natures most amazing secrets.

Now anyone with an Android phone can download the free planetarium app by Andscaloid and set your date and location using the on-board GPS and see for yourself what’s happening around you and under the water on these Gravity wave effect times while you fish.

Even the outer planets like Neptune and Uranus have an effect here on earth its quite amazing.

So, next time your out pike fishing and the pike suddenly switch on the feed, note the time of the first run and look it up on the phone app, it could well of been Mars or Jupiter or the moon that switched the pike on and increased the wind speed


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