Extreme Winter Pike Experience

Fri 25 January 13


With the carp show at Norwich Showground cancelled until March due to the bad weather which has been sweeping the country. I decided to try and get the rods out somewhere for a few hours. My Two initial venue locations, The Thurne at Somerton and PotterHeigham were frozen solid, as it was a slightly chilly minus 2! So after a quick phone call to the harbour masters office to see if the Waveney at Beccles was ice free, we were in business, not totally ice free but enough to fish. So I was off as fast as the Sunday traffic will allow with Kiss FM banging out some soothing Sunday beats as the soundtrack. By the time I arrived at the Quay half the boat yard was frozen, and the river was running through nicely so options are fish the river which looks really cold and desolate or on the edge of the ice raft just off of the main flow? So I made my decision and fished off the edge of the Ice as I believed the fish would be under the ice in the warmer water.

My 3 rods were all-ready tackled up all identical with a Drennan gripper stop 5 foot up the line to stop the Drennan Piker float which is free running, this is anchored in position by a 1.5oz flat pear lead on a John Roberts Feeder Boom to a 18” wire trace with two size 10 trebles (semi barbed). I always try and go for a more delicate presentation as possible which I believe has helped me land a lot more bonus pike over the years. I know the locals tend to fish with live baits but to be honest I