Gravel pit piking with Sam Meeuwissen

Thu 16 January 14


Esox Lucius have always featured high on my list of favourite fish, right after mullet and barbel. Due partly to their size, even a small fish looks impressive, but more down to the fact that they are just mean looking! All that camo, those evil eyes and a set of teeth any dentist would rightfully be afraid of. Add all those facts together with a healthy dose of wintry weather and it equals fishing heaven for me. Which is why I find myself in pursuit of a few dozen fish every winter, and the last few dark and cold months have been no exception.

Targeting trio gravel pits, one ultra local to me, one ultra local to Dad (pictured above) and one a short drive away, the pair of us have notched up a fair few fish between us. Probably approaching two hundred takes since October, most to Dad as he plundered the midweek predators on his local venue, with multiple catches the norm! Due to the availability of live baits on one of the venues we had chosen, they have scored the lion