CatMaster Tackle UK Continental Unhooking Mat

Tue 31 March 15


Field Tested

The past 5 years has seen a large number of companies now offering tackle and accessories specifically designed for catfish. When targeting these big fish you need equipment to ensure that you can land the fish and most importantly, take care of the fish correctly and safely, once you have it on the bank. The UKSA team had a browse over the WWW, and discovered the very impressive range of catfish care products from Midlands based CatMaster Tackle. So we contacted them and asked if we could field test one of the unhooking mats from this very popular range, introducing the CatMaster Tackle UK and Continental Unhooking Mat.

CatMaster Tackle UK and Continental Unhooking Mat

Vital Statistics

This enormous mat black unhooking mat measures in at 9 feet in length, 3 feet wide and 2 inches thick. The outer waterproof and fish friendly material is very hard wearing, offering superb protection to the fish once it is located on the unhooking mat. Because of the size of the mat, strong winds can be an issue, so to prevent it being blown away, you have penning points to enable you to secure it to the ground, even in the strongest of winds.And in our opinion, the biggest selling pint of this mat is, they’re manufactured in the United Kindom.

folds away into a compact unit

One of the biggest issues with a mat this size is storage and transportation. to rectify this issue the mat folds into a 3 foot by 3 foot block that measures just over 6 inches thick, so you can easily store it in your car or van without taking up too much valuable space. To keep the mat secure whilst packed away, you have a robust webbed tension strap attached, with a clip lock buckle. This strap is fully adjustable, so you can add tension to the mat for secured retention whilst in transit..

Tension strap

h4. Field Tested

Since June fo 2015, the UKSA team have been using the CatMaster Tackle UK and Continental Unhooking Mat whilst targeting all large predatory species, including catfish, sturgeon and pike and in all situations including sturgeon up to 40lbs plus. This enormous, well padded unhooking mate has performed the task it has been designed for perfectly. Even with a near 5 foot long sturgeon on the mat, there was more than adequate padding and surface area for the fish to be fully protected from any potentially harmful ban side debris.

in use on the bank

Final Thoughts

After using the CatMaster Tackle UK and Continental Unhooking Mat several times, whilst pursuing various large predatory species, we have been more than satisfied with it’s all-round performance and durability. By giving it a jet wash after every sessions, it is very simple to keep in pristine condition and by keeping it clean you can ensure that all stitching and fixtures will remain in tact.

As an even bigger bonus, by cleaning the mat regularly, and drying it out, this will eliminate any chance of spreading disease from one venue to another dramatically, so keep it clean! For £109.99 you get a superb unhooking mat that offers exceptional protection to even the biggest of species. After long term testing out on bank by our team, we highly recommend you have a look at one of these if big catfish are your chosen quarry.


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