Coleman Mini High Tech LED Lantern

Wed 04 November 15


With the clocks going back, the hours of daylight a available to specialist angler are greatly reduced. To compensate, many anglers fish into darkness to try and fool their chosen quarry. To do this safely, we all require a reliable light source that can make it possible to see what you are doing, without advertising to every fish in a miles radius that you are there. One very hand option that the UKSA team discovered at this years Outdoor Trade Show, that ticks all the boxes is the superb Mini High Tech LED Lantern from Coleman, read on as with put it under the spotlight.

Coleman Mini High Tech LED Lantern

Vital Statistics

This compact LED Lantern measures in at 15cm in height x 5.7cm in diameter and with the three supplied as standard AA Duracell batteries fitted, it only weighs in at 304g (not much more than a standard head-torch) and because of it’s compact size, it will take up very little room in your carry-all. Another key feature that makes this compact lantern ideally suited to specialist and session anglers is the fact that it is IPX4 water resistant, which as we all know is a must especially during the winter months.

Fully controllable light source

This compact unit offers controllable light output, with a maximum of 150 Lumens at it’s highest setting, right down to 5 Lumens when set on the lowest. Although compact, the Mini High Tech LED Lantern will produce a beam of light on full power that will cover a 6m area and on the lowest setting, this is reduced to 1m. The three AA batteries enable this Tardis of a light source to run for 10 continuous hours on the highest setting and an impressive 200 hours on the lowest (these times may vary dependant on the make of batteries used).

Coleman Mini High Tech LED Lantern full beam

Final Thoughts

Although Coleman are better known for their cookers and stoves amongst the session angling fraternities.UKSA would like to point out that based on the build quality and all round performance that the Mini High Tech LED Lantern has to offer the session angler, we’ve been missing out on a few great products for sometime. This superb little lantern utilises Cree® LEDs, that after doing a bit of research are arguably some of the best around and the controlled lighting offered by this compact lantern, makes it a product worthy of a great review.

Foot Note – For the very fare price of £22.99 you get a ready to use, versatile and economical lighting solution, what more can you ask for!

Now available from all authorised Colman stockists.



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