Dinsmores Syndicate Carp Sticks

Fri 06 November 15


Syndicate Carp XT

Any session anglers who fish natural venues regularly, will experience banks that are awkward to set up on. These natural environments can make your standard pods and short bank sticks unfit for the purpose, especially when targeting swims with high sloping banks, beaches, compressed gravel beds etc,the list goes on. In situations like this you require rod supports that are more versatile and adaptable to multiple environments, rather than cosmetically pleasing. One option that won’t break the bank and serve you well is these situations are the Syndicate Carp Sticks from Dinsmores, read on as we take a look and show you what this versatile range has to offer.

Range key Features

All of the Syndicate Carp Sticks are designed to offer stability and variable height option (telescopic) The height variations are made possible by a secure black plastic Cam lock that secured the extended bank stick at the required height.

Easy to use, Cam Lock adjustment

The Syndicate Carp Sticks outer tube has a 20mm diameter and the internal extensions tubes diameter is 17.5mm on all lengths available in the range. All sticks in this range feature diecast zinc points and grip lock screw in attachments for added strength without increasing the weight The sticks are finished off in an olive green that blends in to most bank side environments

Arrow Point Cam-lock Syndicate Carp Sticks

The Arrow point sticks are ideally suited to soft ground such as clay or peat, where you need to get your sticks in deep. The tip or Arrow Head is made from diecast zinc and measures in at 45mm in length x 25mm width and offers superb stability in soft ground as the head creates a clean cut through the ground. this in turn makes the stick less prone to wobble or movement, meaning assured stability for your rods.

Arrow Head close up

Options available in this Arrow Point range

Arrow Pint 30cm x 30cm (12 inch) RRP £ 7.99 each

Arrow Pint 40cm x 40cm (16 inch) RRP £ 8.99 each

Arrow Pint 75cm x 75cm (30 inch) RRP £10.99 each

Arrow Pint 125cm x 125cm (48 inch) RRP £11.99 each

Spiral Point Cam-lock Syndicate Carp Sticks

Spiral Point Cam-lock Syndicate Carp Sticks

If you regularly fish venues with soft sand or gravel banks, then these are the Spiral Point Cam-lock Syndicate Carp Sticks are definitely the option to choose. These hardcore banks sticks feature a all the characteristics of the Arrow Point option but with the addition of a Spiral point. This screw style tip enables you to screw the stick into unstable ground. When the going is really tough, you have a steel bar inside the stick that slots into the pre drilled hole below the Cam Lock. This enables you to screw the stick into the ground to make the stick sit securely even in compressed gravel.

Handy extra bar enables the stick to be screwed into the hardest of banks

Options available in this Spiral Point range

Spiral Pint 30cm x 30cm (12 inch) RRP £ 8.99 each

Spiral Pint 40cm x 40cm (16 inch) RRP £ 9.99 each

Spiral Pint 75cm x 75cm (30 inch) RRP £11.99 each

Spiral Pint 125cm x 125cm (48 inch) RRP £12.99 each

Final Thoughts

The UKCA team have been using both of the aforementioned bank sticks and they perform the task they’ve been designed for perfectly. Although designed with carp anglers in mind, they will also suit the roving specialist and predator anglers requirements as well. They’ve been built to last and we are pretty sure that after throwing them about and using them on some very awkward bank side environments that you’ll get some serious mileage out of them, without breaking the bank (excuse the pun)


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