Gardner Tackle Original & Mini Rig-Bin

Fri 26 December 14


Gardner Tackle Original & Mini Rig-Bin

The classic rig & wire trace storage solution!

If you use wire traces and wire leaders for lures, finding suitable storage that will protect the treble hooks whilst also keeping the metallic traces in perfect working condition, can be a bit of mission. Over the years, the UKSA team have used numerous different storage options but we keep going back to these simple but perfect storage solutions, introducing the Gardner Tackle Original & Mini Rig Bin.

However, over the years these very versatile storage containers have evolved into multi purpose rig store, also finding favour with the carp angler for storing long zig riggs with baits attached, chod rigs to keep them perfectly curved, even the barbel angler who uses hooklengths up to 4ft long now utilise these very clever Rig-Bins

Now for those of you who have just started specialist fishing, these simple storage containers are still arguably the best selling rig storage solution out there, so read on as the UKSA team take a close look.

The Original Rig-Bin

The Original Rig-Bin has been around for many years now and this classic design still offers exceptional rig storage options for all carp and specialist anglers. It measures in at
12.7cm in height, with a diameter of 10.1cm, making it very easy to transport around as it takes up minimal space in your carry-all. When you twist off the lid, attached on the underside is the foam padded, cylindrical storage unit.

Fully loaded Original Rig-Bin

This features a black plastic strip that has ten injection moulded twin pin rig retainers. To load the Rig-Bin simply place your connection swivel on your wire trace between two of the pins or put the loop of your rig over one of the pins, and by winding the rig round the foam covered cylinder, keeping the rig going between the two Rig retaining pins, you can add rigs, keeping them nice and tidy. To secure in place simply place the hook point into the foam to keep them totally secure and protected whilst you are in transit.

Mini Rig-Bin

Mini Rig-Bin unloaded

The Mini Rig-Bin features all the characteristics of its big brother but is best suited to the angler who likes to keep on the move. It measures in at 8.5cm in height, with a diameter of 7cm, making it small enough to to fit inside your jacket pocket with ease. This compact option is also ideally suited for both braided and mono hooklinks of any length, wire pike traces, made up leadcore leaders, etc. Basically, if the material you want to store is flexible, you can store it in the Mini Rig-Bin.

Final Thoughts

The UKSA team have been using the Original Rig-Bin for as long as we can remember (well over ten years), and over the years it has improved in performance based on slight tweaks to the materials used in production. The Mini Rig-Bin is definitely the one for the roving angler, offering versatile storage, for a small quantity of assorted rigs. The Original Rig-Bin sells for around £6.50 and the Mini Rig-Bin sells for £4.50, which is great value for money if you’re looking for versatility of rig storage.


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