Rig Marole Bore Rings

Mon 15 April 13


If like me you have fingers like elephant toes then tying a bait to a tiny metal ring using dental floss is a near on impossible task. Yes you always have the option of hair rigging your bait but this allows water to penetrate the hard outer skin and affect the long term performance of even the best Pop Ups.

Another issue is drilling through Hard Pellets, no matter how careful you are, I bet a least 50% of pellets you attempt to drill through will split, especially in the 10 to 16mm sizes. A piece of equipment that allows the connection of these baits to your rig that eliminates loss of performance and waste was required, Introducing the Bore Rings from Rig Marole.

The Bore Rings are a 10mm long attachment that has a 6.5mm long by 1.2mm thick threaded insert that runs all the way to the connection ring at the top of this clever adaption of the net curtain rings (that my wife kindly pointed out to me).
We have been playing around with the Bore Rings since the Brentwood Carp Show and have found that they have numerous uses and not just for the carp angler.

Not only are they perfect for Pop Up, cork ball baits and pellet when targeting big carp, we have also found them perfect for barbel and chub rigs, even when using pellets as small as10mm the Bore Ring does the job perfectly.

Final Thoughts

When I first got hold of some samples of the Bore Rings I was dubious to be totally honest but when I had a play around with them and discovered how practical and versatile they were, my opinion soon changed. This new offering for 2011 from Nigel and the team at Rig Marole has numerous uses covering everything from carp fishing situations, all aspects of modern big fish and commercial angling presentations and they will undoubtedly find favour amongst the river match lads who target big bream and barbel on the countries bigger rivers.

UKMA have found the Bore Rings from Rig Marole to be a versatile attachment, that can multi task and will find favour with any angler who uses boilies or big pellet on rivers and lakes no matter what species of specimen fish they are targeting. The Bore Rings will be arriving in your local tackle shop very soon and will be sold in packs of six (6) for around £3.50 per pack


Visit the Website: http://www.rigmarole.co.uk/