Sea to Summit TPU Waterproof iPhone Case

Sat 02 February 13


Virtually every angler that goes fishing carries a mobile phone with them these days, and in many cases you carry an iPhone and I bet most of you have dropped yours in the water at least once with disastrous results. We all add rubber shock covers to protect our phones from any serious damage when we drop them on dry hard ground but there seems to be a lack of good quality and practical waterproof covers on the market. So the team at UKMA have done a bit of research and discovered that an Australian based company called Sea to Summit have released a high quality cover specifically designed for iPhone and mobile devices of similar size. So we found out who’s marketing the product in the UK and request a sample for review and we weren’t disappointed.

Key Features
• Low profile design feels great in your hand
• Meets IPX8 testing standards of being waterproof at 10 meters for 1 hour
• RF welded seams for strength and waterproof construction
• 0.15mm optic grade and touch compatible TPU screen and camera port
• fits many other smart phones and devices

Vital Statistics

The Sea to Summit TPU waterproof iphone case is a compact and robust solution for protecting and using your phone in any conditions. It is manufactured from RF welded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is comfortable to hold whilst being incredibly durable. TPU is PVC free, strong, and flexible whilst being UV and extreme cold resistant, which in layman terms means it as hard wearing and durable as a phone case can get. To keep your iphone water and moisture free it is located in an ultra-tough Ziplock compartment that is made watertight by utilising a triple-roll Velcro® closure that has made it possible to keeps this soft case both watertight and slim. To help to prevent dropping your phone in the water or loosing it completely, you have die-cut attachment points on each corner of the case to attach carabineer or cord to the case and your clothing to eliminate any chance of loss.

Final Thoughts

If you own an iphone and spend time outside dealing with the brunt of Mother Natures worst and in particular the wet stuff (rain) then this is as essential as a good jacket. The TPU waterproof iPhone case offers unrivalled protection from the wet stuff ensuring your expensive phone stays in perfect working order whilst out on the banks. As a huge bonus, if your phone feels the need to take a dip at anytime you will be able to retrieve it from the water assured that it will be in perfect working order every time. The TPU waterproof iPhone case will be hitting the UK shops soon and will be selling for £24.99 which will eventually save you a fortune!!
Sea to Summit

TPU Waterproof Case for Smartphones

With mobile phones getting bigger on what seems to be a weekly basis, Sea to Summit have not forgotten about those who like the bigger screened devices. The iPhone is one of the biggest selling phones EVER, but they are being caught up quickly by companies such as Samsung and HTC with some of their devices having screens significantly bigger than the iPhone range. These devices also require protection from the elements and the TPU Waterproof Case for Smartphones has all the features and functions of the iPhone case, but is larger.

The dimensions of the TPU Waterproof Case for Smartphones are 148mm x 85mm (5.8” × 3.3”) and has a clear panel size of 138mm x 75mm (5.4” × 2.9”), which will give an unobstructed view to all but the largest of handsets. As with the iPhone case, the clear panel offers touch screen usage through it and the picture quality from the rear camera is very good considering it has to take a picture through the rear clear panel. We have tested the case with two of the most popular smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X fit the case perfectly. With the dimensions of the case and the clear panels, you should also have no issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note devices either.

As with the iPhone case, you can expect to pay around the £25 price bracket, but this will save you a fortune considering that all manufacturer warranty’s are voided with water damage and with mobile phone insurance becoming harder to make a claim through, you will wonder how you managed without one on the bank before!


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