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Sun 08 December 13


Without any shadow of a doubt, beanie hats offer arguably the best thermal properties when it comes to head wear, but almost every beanie available gets wet and holds the moisture, causing damp to set in and chill the head – and for those who still have hair it is made worse by the hair getting damp! Sealskinz have overcome this obstacle with their Waterproof Beanie and obviously we had to put the claims to the test!
The Waterproof Beanie has a 3 part construction. The outer is manufactured from a knitted acrylic material, and the inner is made using a warm to the touch microfibre fleece. The micro fleece lining instantly gives a warm feel when the beanie is placed on the head. Sandwiched between the inner and outer is a waterproof and breathable membrane. This membrane ensures that any rain will not get through to the inner lining, as well as to keep the head warm lowering the chance of your head overheating and sweating.

The Sealskinz Waterproof Beanie looks at first glance like any other beanie, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. To fully test the Waterproof Beanie, we placed the Beanie under a running tap for 60 seconds, and after the minute had passed, the inside of the beanie was bone dry!!! Obviously a running tap will have more water pressure than even the heaviest of downpours, and if it passed this test, then it is going to pass anything that nature will throw at you!

You may think that because it is waterproof that washing instructions are going to be item specific, but the packaging shows that the Waterproof Beanie can be machine washed at 30C and left to drip dry. Sealskinz do not recommend tumble drying, ironing or the use of bleach or similar stain removers. As with all items of the materials used, I found that not using fabric conditioner will prolong the life of the materials and lower any bobbling of the inner or outer.

Size Guide

To ensure you purchase the perfect fit beanie, please follow these simple steps:-

To measure the circumference of your head, simply put the tape measure just above your eyebrows.

The size that you measure in centimetres is your hat size (If you measure 57cm, you will need a medium hat).

Final Thoughts

The Waterproof Beanie was worn during a 72 hour session recently, and we had all seasons in that time other than snow. At no point did I feel that the Waterproof Beanie was going to let me down. My head was warm throughout the session, and was dry during any venture outside the bivvy to face any rain. The temperature dropped drastically on the final night and on waking up in the morning, the lake was frozen! My head though was not when I left the bivvy! I simply can find nothing to fault the Beanie during normal use. The only minor drawback I found was that the Waterproof Beanie is not the best choice of head wear to wear whilst sleeping as movement when laying down will pull the beanie off the head, but this is something that happens with all head wear anyway.

The Waterproof Beanie is not the cheapest head wear on the market, but if you want to keep warm and dry, then there is no price to be placed on that comfort. The Waterproof Beanie has a RRP of £25 and if you fish in all weather conditions throughout the year, then this is going to be top of your list for comfortable head wear. All Sealskinz products are designed in the UK and come with a 2 year guarantee.


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