Shakespeare Sigma Nylon Chest Waders

Sat 12 October 13


Field Tested

Over the past 5 months the UKSA team have been putting the new for 2013 SHAKESPEARE SIGMA NYLON CHEST WADER through there paces in numerous angling situations. We had to see for ourselves just how well these latest additions to the SHAKESPEARE wader range would perform in all environments an angler is likely to encounter whilst out on the bank.
So we took them to several venues during summer and autumn, and spent plenty of time wearing them both in and out of the water, to see how user friendly they actually are, here’s how they got on!

Vital Statistics

The Sigma Nylon Chest Waders are manufactured from a brand new material that is basically a reinforced Nylon and PVC combination fabric, that produces a chest wader that is 35 % lighter in weight and 25% more durable than comparable rubber waders.

They incorporate cleated sole boots that are very comfortable, even after wearing them for 6 hours plus and the cleated sole also offers exceptional grip even when walking over loose gravel and debris in chest deep water.The legs and torso of these chest waders offer ample room for you to wear a base layer, jogging bottoms and a fleece or waterproof jacket to help keep you warm, especially when fishing in cold water conditions. All seams have been taped sealed to give you the user 100% water tight protection at all times.

To make the Sigma Nylon Chest Waders fit as comfortable as possible you have two fully adjustable shoulder straps that have a webbed strap across the back to join them together. This prevents the shoulder straps from slipping of your shoulder whilst casting or playing a fish once in the water. These straps connect to the front panel via two very strong and easy to use male plastic quick release clip locks that slip easily but securely into the female clip locks attached at the front. Because of the ample room inside these waders, this makes them very easy to get in and out of when you’re in a hurry. This comes in very handy when your night fishing and your alarm scream off unexpectedly. All you have to do is roll the body down over the boots, undo the shoulder straps and chest tensioning cord and set them in a position where you can step straight into them

Final Thoughts

After using the Sigma Nylon Chest Waders for numerous aquatic tasks over the past 5 months, they’ve now become an essential part of my all weather equipment. I use them for all my wading work including all my feature and review water to bank photography. Even after spending hours on my knees taking shots of anglers for features they still haven’t shown any real signs of wear or tear on the knee area which is very pleasing. All in all the UKMA team have found no reason at all why any angler who require a pair of chest waders will not get very good mileage out of these very lightweight and durable offerings from SHAKESPEARE.

The real bonus with the Sigma Nylon Chest Waders is they won’t break the bank either, as they carry the very reasonable retail price of just £44.99 but if you shop around on-line there are some great deals to be found. Available in all sizes from 7 to 12 from all leading SHAKESPEARE stockists!


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