Thatchreed Mil-Com All-In-One Tool

Sat 09 November 13


I have lost count on the number of times that I had been out on the bank during a session and required a tool that could make a swim safe, remove branches that may have fell into the water, etc, and when ever I have got home, forgot all about obtaining one or placing the required items in my kit. When Jack Pyke of England provided UKMA with one of their All-In-One Tools that they market under their Mil-Com brand, it bought back all those times where I wished I had one of these in my kit!

The All-In-One Tool is a multi-purpose product that is supplied as a single short handle which any of the 3 suplied heads can be fitted to for safe use. The tool is supplied with a saw blade, a hatchet head and a shovel end. Each of the heads is secured in place during use by a sprung push button mechanism. The mechanism is part of the saw blade, which when placed into the handle locks in place either way round (when in use or in storage). When the saw blade is stored away, the mechanism is then used to lock either the shovel or the hatchet head in place securely.

The hatchet head is supplied with an elasticated protective blade cover to protect the user from injury as well as portect the blade from damage in transit. The teeth on the saw are spaced for a quick cut rather than a neat cut, making short work of cutting through all but the thickest of branches or trunks. This handy All-In-One Tool is supplied in a mesh bag as well as a fabric holster which has belt loops for easy carrying.

Final Thoughts

The All-In-One Tool has been a superb addition to my armoury as it has gotten me out of trouble a few times where I have been “caught short” and needed to dig a hole in the bushes. The hatchet & saw attachments have proven invaluable when I have been out using the Kelly Kettle in allowing me to gather small branches for fuel. The shovel attachment is also perfect for levelling off a swim or making a swim safe to fish in.
The Mil-Com All-In-One Tool has a RRP of around £15 and is useful to have in your kit as well as to leave in the car when not fishing, especially in winter, where you may need to dig yourself out of snow.


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