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Fri 02 January 15


Armolife Cooking products 2014

If you are serious session angler and cooking on the bank is part of your session routine, then reliable cooking equipment is a must. A good kettle (most used equipment in any session anglers kit bag) pans and stove are essential items that we all use regularly use, so don’t cut corners when purchasing these items. Taking the needs of the session angler on board, Sheffield based Trakker Products have added new products to the Armolife Cooking Gear range to make your brewing up and food preparation a far more functional task. So the team at UKMA contacted company media manager Jerry Bridger, who has generously sent over a selection of products for us to have a look at and play around with over the coming weeks, here’s our first look at them.

Armolife Power Kettle

Armolife Power Kettle

This new kettle from Trakker Products has been manufactured from anodised aluminium to keep the kettles overall weight down to just 182g when empty. It measures in at 15.3cm wide x 7.3cm in depth and has a liquid capacity of 0.9ltr (3 mugs of tea). It has a state of the art fast-boil system that has been designed to speed up the boiling process by trapping the heat to ensure that the heat exchange from flame to kettle is totally optimised, which in the long run will save you money on gas. This is achieved by the heat being trapped under the kettle by the numerous heat retaining compartments that support the extended base of the kettle that sits on the stove and this heat retaining system has proven to be approximately 33% more energy efficient than a standard kettle.

Kettle Strip 2

The Armolife Power Kettle also features a folding handle, easy-pour spout and a pull string mesh storage bag and for £29.99 you do get a great quality kettle that is designed to save you money.

Armolife Two-piece Cookware Set

Armolife two-piece Cookware set

This basic lightweight and very compact cookware set is manufactured from aluminium and finished off with an n anodised non stick coating. The set includes a frying pan that measures in at 17.5cm x 3.9cm or 750ml cooking capacity and saucepan that measures 17cm x 9.5cm and this gives you 1.7ltr of cooking capacity, which between them is more than enough to cover most angler’s bank side cooking requirements during a session. Both pans feature fold-away heat-proof handles to keep everything compact when in your carryall and there is also an interchangeable lid that can be used with either the pan or frying pan as required. Weighing in at just 423g, this will definitely make them a favourite amongst the anglers who like to stay mobile and need to travel light.

Armolife two-piece Cookware set strip images

The Two Peice Cookware Set comes packed in a mesh storage bag with draw sting fastenings and the set will not break the bank either, as they sell for a very reasonable £29.99 for the set.

Armolife PH-3 stove

Armolife PH-3 Stove

For a compact stove, this little beast punches well above its weight by producing a maximum power output of 2800W, which is enough to cremate a sausage in no time. It measures in at 7.4cm x 8.8cm (folded) and weighs in at just 146g and features a large burner for optimum heat distribution. It has been manufactured from pre heated stainless steel tubes to prevent any potential warping of the retractable supports and legs whilst in constant use, which is an issue with many compact stoves we’ve tested over the years. This tidy compact stove can fit into any small accessory pouch or pocket on your carryall easily and to keep it in good nick when on the move you get a durable meshed stuff bag to keep it in.

Armolife PH-3 Stove stri images

The gas release controller is mounted on the threaded section of the cylinder attachment and offers very precise control of the heat, which comes in very handy especially when cooking pasta, soup or boiling milk. For £39.99 you get a very stable and lightweight stainless steel stove that can kicks out some serious heat.

Note – There is no ignition system on this stove so matches or a light are required to use.

First Impressions

All these new cooking products from the Trakker Armolife range offer great value fro money. These lightweight and very affordable kettle, pans and stove definitely look the part on first impressions and will be in my carryall the next time I head out on the bank. After having a good look at Armolife Poer Kettle, Two Peice Cookware Set and PH-3 Stove, the UKCA team would have to say “they do look sock on!” , but like always, we’ll be taking them out on the bank to put them through there paces over the coming weeks to let you know how well they perform whilst out on the bank in their natural habitat, so until then watch this space!


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