Vardis Tackle Scissors

Mon 13 January 14


For those of you who don’t have a facebook or Twitter account and never had the pleasure of reading an angling magazines, then the brand name Vardis will be a new one to most of you. Vardis have been sneaking around the various social networks building a cult following over the past year, and have now released their range of over 300 terminal tackle items and accessories to the retail sector. Over the coming weeks we will be having a good look at some of the more practical items in the range and letting you know how they perform. To get things rolling we’ve decided to have a look at the two different options that Vardis have to offer in the braid scissors department.

Braid Scissors RRP £2.99

These cleverly designed, steel bladed scissors serve many purposes, the 40mm long blades offering the angler many options and that makes this pair of cutting tools a very useful device to carry. From the pivoting rivet that holds the blades securely together, the first 15mm of the blade is where you’ll find the very sharp braid cutter. This cutting blade creates a very clean cut end, even through the thickest of braids. With the braid cutter being located close to the point of pivot, this enables the blades to cut through braid with total ease and make the cut clinical. Be very careful when using this part of the blade as it is exceptionally sharp.

At the tip end of each blade you have a notched faces with a hooked end on one side. These two faces work like pliers and this part of the blade is ideal for holding hooks and crimping split shot onto your rigs. Once you have the braid or mono in the cut of the split shot, you can pull it down towards the hook and tension the shot in place very easily. Plus if you are careful you can also use this as a makeshift stripping tool to remove coatings from braid. Another use for the predator angler is for opening split rings on lures to change hooks.

With very comfortable to hold black plastic handles, these Braid scissors are a multi functional pair of cutters that all anglers should find incredibly practical.

Braid Scissors with Hook Sharpener RRP £4.25

These offer the angler a designated braid cutting option, by only using these scissors to cut braid, this will greatly prolong the blades life expectancy and ability to produce a clinically clean cut every time. The steel cutting blades are 55mm long to the point of pivot to the tip. The blades are held together by a screw nut that should be regularly tightened to keep the scissors working perfectly. The handles offer plenty of room in the top for your thumb and the bottom handle comfortably takes your middle and digit fingers even if your fingers are like mine and as thick as sausages. With a distinctive bright orange handles it will be near on impossible to loose these even in the densest of bankside undergrowth.

The one real stand out feature that these braid scissors have over any I have ever come across is they incorporate a small file in the thumb grip. This has been included to offer the angler the opportunity to re-sharpen a hook after a fish has been caught. Although a brilliant idea in theory, you should be well experienced in sharpening hooks before actually trying this for yourself on the bank.

We recommend that you take your blunt or used hooks home and experiment on these hooks before trying it on the bank, as using a hook that could be potentially blunt, will cost you a fish, and we don’t want that to happen!!

Final Thoughts

Vardis have definitely come up with a couple of scissor options that although totally different, they both offer you the angler a very good braid scissors option whilst offering superb value for money. The team at UKMA have only played and tested the performance short term but both the Braid Scissors with it’s multi function blades and the Braid Scissors with Hook Sharpener with it’s superior cutting blades have both performed very well indeed, in fact they are definitely cutting it with the best!! (Sorry about that, couldn’t resist it). So to finish, UKMA can recommend either of these scissors to the match, carp or specimen angler who demands quality cutting tools whilst out on bank.


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