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Every predator angler appreciates owning a good set of tools when it comes to unhooking their quarry, as well as making sure that traces and hooks are in optimum condition. With so many tools on the market, the novice angler could be mistaken when buying exactly what they should be taking with them on every session, and putting both themselves and the fish in danger, especially when unhooking.

With this in mind, we contacted Andy Lush at E.T Predator Tackle and acquired a comprehensive set of tools that we feel every predator angler should be carrying with them when on the bank.

9” Forceps

Most anglers will carry a set of forceps in their bag for unhooking, but with a lot of anglers thinking that a basic set of artery forceps are up to the task for unhooking predatory fish from large trebles, are generally mistaken and therefore can struggle when unhooking fish. The main reason that medical artery forceps are not really up to the task is that they are not designed to do this job, but instead they are designed to be used as a clamp to stop blood from spurting out of arteries during surgery rather than removing pieces of sharpened metal from a bony fish mouth. Although artery forceps are better than nothing, dedicated angling forceps are a much better choice and will make unhooking a lively pike much easier. You may be thinking “why are dedicated angling forceps a better choice?” so I will explain. Dedicated angling forceps have much shorter jaws than artery forceps and therefore are less likely to bend when trying to get a good grip on a hook. This also makes them easier to move about in the fish’s mouth than longer jawed versions.

ET 9 inch Forceps

The E.T Products 9” Forceps are perfectly designed with the angler in mind to do the job properly. The jaws of the forceps are approximately 20mm in length and serrated to give the best grip of the hook. Directly below the serrated jaws, E.T Products have also included a sharpened section that will cut through wire or mono in an emergency closer to the hook than a set of trace scissors would (which is important if a pike has been deep hooked and unhooking the fish could present a danger to the fish’s life. At the handle end, rather than leave the finger loops as bare metal (which during the winter months when most of us will be out after pike will be very cold on the hands!), E.T Products have coated the loops in a soft feel rubberised non-slip coating. They have also thought about the angler on the bank and coloured the coating bright yellow which will help the angler find them easier if dropped into long grass.

The 9” Forceps have a RRP of £8.99 a pair with the shorter 7” version costing £7.99.

TOP TIP:- Always carry at least two pairs of forceps when after predatory fish as if you drop a set in the water or lose a set somewhere, you have a spare set to allow you to continue fishing. If you only carry one set and lose them, you might have to pack up unless you have other means of unhooking a fish.

Unhooking Glove

With most predatory fish having teeth that could cause the unconfident angler damage to their fingers when unhooking a pike, using a slash resistant glove is a benefit to prevent scratches or cuts occuring upon chinning a pike.

ET Unhooking Glove

The ET Unhooking Glove is constructed from a slash resistant material that will protect the anglers hand from being damaged by the fish. The ET Unhooking Glove is a must have for even the most seasoned predator angler as cuts and scratches can easily become infected at the waterside. The gloveis also ambidextrous so suitable for all anglers.

With a RRP of £ 10.99 it is a small price to pay for your own and the fishes safety.

Needle Nosed Pliers

If you are a lure angler or like to use heavy duty hooks, a pair of forceps may not be adequate to give a proper grip on the larger gauge wire used in the bigger hooks. With this in mind a set of long handle, Needle nose pliers will give you that extra required grip to take hold of the hook and remove it easier. The easier a job is, the less chance of causing damage to the fish or an accident occuring to the angler.

ET Long Nosed Pliers

The ET Long Nosed Pliers have elongated handles to allow the hand to be away from the pike’s teeth or loose flying treble, and allow for more pressure to be placed upon the hook by the jaws. The handles have the bright yellow ET trademarked coating which allows for a virtually non-slip use even with wet hands. The colour also allows you to find them if they have been dropped into bankside vegetation. Even if you don’t use heavy wire trebles, the long nosed pliers are a welcome addition to the unhooking kit in the case that you lose your forceps!

The ET Needle Nosed Pliers have a RRP of £11.50 a set.

Hook Cutters

A good set of side cutters should always be in the predator anglers armoury for those rare cases that the pike has swallowed the hooks deep and all three points of the treble have located themselves in the soft tissue at the entrance to the digestive system. Trying to unhook the pike normally in this situation, could create a fatal injury to the pike, and the best way of dealing with it is to cut the hooks as close as possible to the flesh so the trace wire can be removed leaving only the points of the hooks (which the barbless points will soon slip out and pass through the fish).

!/cms/resources/hook-cutters-.jpg(ET Side Cutters (Hook Cutters))!

Most side cutters have handles that are too short to effectively do this with a fish, and the ET Hook Cutters have elongated handles that help to keep the hands out of harms way as well as allowing for more leverage to be placed upon the jaws, making quick work of cutting even the largest of treble hooks used by the predator angler. These are a must have item for ALL pike anglers and don’t leave home without a pair!

The ET Side Cutters have a RRP of £11.50 a set and eleven quid is nothing in comparison to a fishes welfare.

Hook Sharpener

Even in todays world of chemically sharpened hooks, a lot of the hooks bought off the shelf are not as sharp as they could be. A sharp hook will give much cleaner and better penetration in a pikes mouth than a blunter hook would. Sharpening hooks is all the rage amongst carp anglers at this present time, but is something that a lot of predator anglers don’t do, even though the pikes mouth has much less flesh for the hook points to take hold in!

ET Hook Sharpner

Sharpening a treble hook point is a simple job of using the diamond encrusted file and gently running the hook along the groove working the hook down the file away from the point towards the bend. Even a couple of gentle runs along the file will sharpen the hook more than it already was and give you more successful hook ups.

The ET Hook Sharpener is a small product that will fit into even the most crowded of tackle boxes and the file section can be reversed so it is protected within the handle for storage.

The Hook Sharpener has a RRP of £5.99 and is another item that a lot of anglers will overlook that will benefit them in a big way.

Trace Cutter Scissors

Every angler needs a decent set of scissors, but most of the angling scissors are designed to cut mono or braided lines, and when it comes to cutting wire they fall short by not being of the correct type, leaving the wire curled or bent over. The ET Trace Cutter Scissors are the answer to this problem and cut through almost every gauge of wire used by the modern predator angler cleanly and efficiently. They also double up fantastically for clean cutting of mono or braid.

ET Trace Cutter Scissors

As with the other tools in the range, the handles are the trademark ET Yellow in colour and the finger loops are comfortable on the fingers.

Rather than struggle with inadequate scissors for cutting wire cleanly, the Trace Cutter Scissors are an absolute bargain at £6.99 a set and also can get you out of trouble with a deep hooked fish much easier than using other scissors.


Visit the Website: http://www.etpredatortackle.co.uk/

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