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Tue 08 April 14


The Spomb Range

For all of you that have been in a coma for the past four years there has been a revolution in bait dispensing that has well and truly made a home in the majority of specialist anglers carryalls. These superb bait dispensers are the brain child of Kent based Bryan & Judith Houghton, and they pride themselves on supplying a product that is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. From its humble beginnings the SPOMB has become arguably more popular than the traditional spod based on these critical facts. They offer the angler assured bait delivery to the spot every time, eliminating spillage during casting, that as we all know is common place when spodding particle or pellet mixes. The SPOMB also gives you an instant bait delivery, meaning as soon as it hits the water, the bait is released immediately reducing time spent laying down a huge bed of feed. They also offer the angler unrivalled accuracy even in strong cross winds and as they are 100% buoyant they can be retrieved in seconds with very little surface commotion.

Originally designed for the Carp angler, the SPOMB soon found favour amongst the big bream and tench angling legions (myself included). Then Bryan & Judith soon realised that there was a market for smaller versions to cater to the needs of the day ticket course and even the match anglers who target carp bream and tench on larger commercial fisheries. So with the original SPOMB being too large for this type of angling as a beefed up rod was required to deliver these heavy loads of feed. So they released the Midi and mini options that can be attached straight to feeder, specialist or carp rod and cast out on reasonably light gear. This has now open an entirely new market place for this excellent product with match anglers fishing the pellet bomb finding the SPOMB to be the most accurate way of introducing a large bed of pellets accurately to keep the fish in a more controlled area, unlike firing them in with a catapult which spreads you bait over a much larger area.

Final Thoughts

The SPOMB can be used to dispense seed particles, groundbaits, boilies (of all sizes), pellets (all sizes), corn, maize, maggots, casters chopped meat and worm, pretty much any bait used in modern angling situations. I’ve even seen pike anglers using the Large SPOMB to put chopped fish pieces over their spots for accurate feeding on venues where baitboats are banned. The assured precise delivery of baits to your spots every time, without the spillage associated with the traditional spod has made the SPOMB the choice of all novice and seasoned anglers alike including several members of the ukcarpangler team. Please find below our guide to the weight of each SPOMB both unloaded and fully loaded

The SPOMB™ colour and weight guide

Size Colour options Unloaded Loaded
LARGE black or white 59g 173g
MIDI black or white 35g 98g
MINI black or white 21g 54g

NOTE – The above loaded weights are based on each SPOMB being loaded with 10mm boilies and will vary dependent on the bait being used.

There are now three size options available in the range these are the Original Large SPOMB was originally launched in February 2010 at the BIG ONE Farnborough and this option sells for £12.99 and is designed to be used with a standard spod rod or the superb new SPOMB Rod, designed and built under license by Essex based Free Spirit, in conjunction with braided floating lines of 40lbs plus and a shock leader when breaking the horizon is necessary.

The Mini SPOMB which was originally launched at the Brentwood show 2012 sells for £9.99 and this option can be attached directly to your carp or specialist rod to put smaller quantities of bait at distances from 30- 60yds when using reel lines of 10lbs plus. The final member of the family is the Midi SPOMB, these were launched in July 2013 and sell for £11.50 and can be attached to an 8lbs reel line and cast huge distances accurately when using a barbel style or method feeder rod.


Visit the Website: http://www.spomb.com/

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