CC Moore and Co Ltd Milk 'N' Nut Crush

Fri 08 February 13


I don’t know many anglers that do not use a spod mix or PVA bags/sticks, and they tend to use different combinations of ingredients to suit the seasonal conditions. As most of the anglers do not tend to try different boilies for the seasons (unless fishing with high attraction singles), this doesn’t make sense to me all you are going to be doing is to try to get the fish feeding on something different to what you have been trying to get them feeding on for the rest of the year!

For those that like to use a milk protein based boilie all year round CC Moore have put together a bag/spod/stick mix that is suitable for fishing in all seasons. Utilising a carefully selected blend of human food-grade nut products which have been mixed with a sweet, creamy powder blend to create a powerful, feed-stimulating feed mix. CC Moore have developed this mix of feed to be active and attractive after several hours of introduction.

The Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush has a highly stimulatory natural profile which comes from crushed and ground tiger nuts and kibbled peanuts combined with a concoction of skimmed milk, lactose, whey protein and cream powders. Together the ingredients produce an attractor combination which CC Moore have found to “drive fish into a feeding frenzy through stimulation of their sight, aroma, taste and nutrient chemoreceptors”. I am not a bait scientist, but if CC Moore say something is that good, it generally is!

Upon introduction into your swim, this all season loose feed instantly forms a thick white cloud of attraction that quickly travels through all layers of the water to draw fish into your baited area. At the point where it was introduced you will find an irresistible carpet of nutty food particles that will have fish digging around for hours in search of every last morsel – right where your hookbait should be located if used with a PVA bag or stick.

Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush is extremely versatile so can be used alone as a stick, bag or method mix but is also extremely effective as a year-round spod mix additive. When using Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush in PVA bags and sticks you are able to easily adapt its attractor release and dispersal rate. By dampening it slightly with a liquid attractor such as CC Moore’s LIVE System bait dip or the awesome FeedstimXP, you can not only slow down the attractor release to ensure it goes on working for even longer but also match it with your hookbait and free offerings.

Another little edge that the Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush is perfect for use with some of the CC Moore “White Haze” particle mix when spodding to give a fantastic cloud in the water when spodding over zigs or even to bring fish into the area when fishing bottom baits or particles on the hook.

Final Thoughts

I like to use the same milk protein based boilies all year round for a couple of reasons. The first being that by introducing them throughout the year, they are then regarded as a food source which the is not looked at as being “dangerous” as can be the case at times by changing bait when the summer ends. Secondly, when buying bait, it can work out cheaper overall by buying larger quantities of one bait rather than the same overall weight of a couple of different types. In doing so I can then use the same stick/bag/groundbait mix, but tailor it to the temperature and conditions in front of me by using a different liquid to bind it, i.e. oil based in warmer months and a thinner oil base such as hemp oil or plain water in colder conditions. Combining the Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush with my favoured Live System baits, I can tailor make a bait and feed combination regardless of the conditions and not put pressured or wary fish on edge (and save money and freezer space!).

All in all, the Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush mix can be tailored to suit virtually every angler’s baits by using different liquid additives to mix and also adding pellets or other free offerings. As someone that likes to use milk protein based baits all year round, this is going to be my staple bait for bag/stick/spod/groundbait requirements for the forseeable.
Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush can be purchased in the following quantities and price; 1kg: £3.99 3kg: £9.99 5kg: £14.99 15kg: £39.99

As you can see from the pricing, can you afford to not be using it?


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