Hinders Nutz Sludge

Mon 14 April 14


Thanks to the skills and ingenuity of the anglers who compete in the many specimen carp competitions run every year, spod mixes have now developed from the standard oil and big particle filled mix that is designed for bottom bait presentations, into an exceptional way of attracting fish and getting them feeding up in the water. This has been made possible by formulating a mix that contains large volumes of light, instant release particles and meals that cloud up on impact.

These attractive cloud forming mixes release flavours, particles and attractants into all layers of the water, making fish compete for the larger free offerings you present as hookbaits. So if you are fishing popped up zigs or baits presented shallow underneath a large float, this tactic will keep the bites coming, which is critical in a competitive situation when fishing shallow is the best option when trying to keep bites coming, especially in high pressure conditions.
With a highly respected history utilising this tactic in competitive situations, Swindon based HINDERS have developed their own twist on the spod mix called the NUTZ SLUDGE, read on as the UKMA team take a first look at this very productive particle and cloud forming fish attractor.

Hinders Nut Sludge

Vital Statistics

When you open a pouch of NUT SLUDGE you instantly notice the mellow nutty aroma with an aniseed kick which smells absolutely gorgeous. The particle food content of this spod mix is based on a mixture of numerous crushed nuts pieces and other natural seeds and kernels including hemp. These particles have been utilised to create a steady stream of food falling through the water column at variable speeds of decent to hold fish in your swim for longer and confidently feeding up in the water. These particles are combined with crushed tiger nut meal (a proven big fish food source) to offer the use a very attractive feed option that covers feeding on the deck and when mixed s a sludge is perfectly suited to all up in the water and shallow presentations.

Hinders How to mix guide

To transform this mix into an irresistible Sludge simply add a generous amount of boiling water (about 2-3” above dry level) and leave overnight. This will form a stodgy mix which will get to the bottom quickly. If you want to fish up in the water – either zig rigging or spod ‘copter style then you will need a sloppier mix. To achieve this just add lake water to dilute the mix until the desired consistency (similar to runny porridge) – the water will then cloud on impact.
Top Tip – To deliver your bait with pinpoint accuracy Hinders and UKMA highly recommend using a SPOMB Midi Spomb.

First Impressions

The NUTZ SLUDGE contains a combination of flavours and particle that can perform as a very nutritional feed source, no matter what depth of water you are presenting your hookbait at. From fishing on the deck with bottom baits and pop ups, to zig and shallow presentation, it will offer an feed presentation to suit your exact requirements. Although designed for carp angling situations you can also use it when feeding an area whilst being in search of big bream and tench. Even match anglers can get great results whilst using the NUTZ SLUDGE – those in the know taking advantage of its fish holding properties. It is sold in three sized re-sealable pouch options, a 2kg pouch will costs you £9.75, the 5kg pouch sells for £19.50 and if you want to save yourself some money, you can buy a 10kg pouch for just £28.50 , which is excellent value for money.


Visit the Website: http://www.hinders.co.uk/