Mainline Baits Pro-Active Cell Stick and Bag Mix

Tue 14 May 13


Cell Stick and Bag Mix

With the established and to be honest deserved reputation of the excellent Cell boilie range, Essex based bait giants Mainline Baits have now made life easier for the angler who incorporates bag and stick feeding tactics, whilst using this proven carp catching machine as their chosen hookbait.
They have now released the Pro-Active Cell Stick & Bag Mix to accompany this very popular flavour meaning no more crushing of boilies or glugging of groundbaits to increase the release of the distinctive coconut aroma quickly into the water for boosted attraction around your hookbait, because the prep work has now already been done for you.

The Pro-Active Cell Stick & Bag Mix incorporating Mainline’s unique water soluble catalyst system which capitalises on all aspects of feeding & attraction stimulants and offers the ideal balance of active particle release, which in turn creates a stream of attraction throughout the water column, attracting fish in from all levels above and around your baited spot.

The Pro-Active Cell Stick & Bag Mix is sold in 1kg bags and is now available from all leading MAINLINE stockists for £6.55 per bag.


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