Mainline Baits Pro-Active Stick And Bag Mix

Sun 09 June 13


The quest for that unique presentation that could potentially give you the edge on pressured venues or Commercial day ticket waters when fishing PVA bags or sticks, has been an on going pursuit of virtually every angler who fishes over the past decade. Since Nick (I invented the stick mix) Helleur first drew to the attention of the angling world the true potentials of compact PVA bait presentations attached to or on the hooklength, we have all experimented with alternative methods of utilising this very productive and in many cases instant presentation.

Pro-Activel Stick and Bag Mix

One tried and tested option when fishing for carp of all sizes is the Pro-Active Stick & Bag mixes from Mainline Baits. These quality food options incorporate Mainlines extensive knowledge & experience in bait formulation. Utilising Mainlines unique water soluble catalyst system, which has been specifically designed to capitalise on all aspects of feeding & attraction technologies, producing a Stick & Bag mix that creates an active particle release and provide a stream of attraction throughout the water column, designed to attract carp from all levels.

Final Thoughts

Mainline Baits Pro-Active Stick & Bag mixes is ideally suited for filling PVA sticks and bag presentations but can also be used in method mixes, spod mixes or as an additive standard feeder groundbaits. (UKMA have had great results when fishing venues where bream, tench chub and barbel are the targeted species). There are currently two different options available in the Pro-Active Stick & Bag mix range, you have Crushed Hemp & Crushed Tiger Nut, with both more than capable of catching big fish on any type of venue. Available in 1kg bags that retail for £6.99 but shop around on-line for the best deals


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