Bait-Tech Hybrid barbel baits

Mon 03 June 13


With the river season only a few days away, the UKMA team have been looking around for something new and original for the river specialist barbel anglers to consider as an option over the coming season but all specialist anglers could potentially find a use for these totally different hookbait offerings. One of the pack leaders in our opinion are the new for 2013 Hybrid barbel Hookbaits from the very impressive and ever diversifying BAT-TECH range of Products.

Hybrid barbel baits

These new style pellets are designed with the specialist anglers requirements in mind and each tub offers the angler hook bait alternatives of variable size and shape to keep the fish guessing. The Hybrid barbel Hookbaits features include extremely high leakage of a pungent fishmeal aroma for prolonged attraction in your swim. Another top feature is no pre-drilling is required as they have a durable but soft texture making them perfect for hair rigging or side hooking. Specifically designed as an all season hookbait option, the Hybrid barbel Hookbaits has proven to produce the goods in the height of summer, right through to winter even in extremes of weather including heavy frosts and flood water conditions. They are now available from all leading tackle retailers for the very reasonable price of £4.99 and you get 42 hookbaits on average per pot.

Come June the 16th the UKMA team will be heading to the Trent to put them through there paces, so watch this space for our on the bank test to follow shortly.


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