Bank Bug Receptor1 Hookbaits and Additives

Fri 04 January 13


Not every angler who targets big fish on day ticket or club water has a budget to accommodate buying huge amounts of boiles to cover a day campaign. One great solution to this problem has just arrived at the UKMA HQ that may interest many of you who target carp, bream and tench on both natural and commercial fisheries is the RECEPTOR-1 MAXIMUM RESPONSE RANGE from Hertfordshire based BANK BUG. There are 6 different bait and presentation options available in this well thought out range that will definitely appeal to the anglers who like to carry various hookbait options to try. Read on to find out what this handy range of hookbaits and additions has to offer you as an angler.

BANK BUG have made life easy for the beginner and knowledgeable angler to select and choose a particular bait or rig presentation, by selling them in individual, clearly labelled pots for easy selection whilst out on the bank. There are three hookbait and three additions options to choose from in the range. The RECEPTOR-1 HOOKBAITS range features the RECEPTOR-1 Pop Ups, these are available in 15mm & 18mm sizes and these very buoyant, natural coloured pop ups are ideally suited to chod, zig and KD rig presentations. The second option is the RECEPTOR-1 WAFTERS. These are also available in 15mm & 18mm sizes and offer the angler a critically balanced bait that will cover most commonly used rig presentations. The final member of the HOOKBAIT range is the HARD HOOKBAITS. These rock solid bottom baits come into there own when fishing on waters with large populations of bird life, crayfish and nuisance fish.

The ADDITIONS offer the user something totally different to the aforementioned HOOKBAITS. There are three options in the range that offer the user a vast amount of presentation and colour variations whilst out on the bank. The first option in this range is the RECEPTOR-1 SHELF LIFE DUMBELLS. These are available in 15mm & 18mm sizes, and include a bottle of the RECEPTOR JUICE SHOT. The second option is the RECEPTOR-1 SIMPLE SNOWMEN. In each pot you get a selection of 12mm washed out, flavour matched pink pop-ups and 15mm hard hook baits and you get a bottle of the RECEPTOR JUICE SHOT supplied as standard. The final option is the RECEPTOR-1 WASHED OUT PINK POP UPS. The very buoyant pop ups are supplied in a mixed pot containing 15mm & 18mm baits, giving you an addition string to your bait arsenal on those days when fish are in a finicky mood and something totally different is required.

Like all quality bait selection, the range is not complete without a booster liquid, and BANK BUG has this covered with the RECEPTOR JUICE. This dense liquid or glug is ideal for coating your hookbaits to increase the baits aroma released into the water. All the hookbaits in the range can benefit from a night of glugging in this very aromatic, fish flavoured liquid but its uses don’t stop there. You can also add the liquid to feed pellets, particles, spod, plus sold bag and stick mixes as it is 100% PVA friendly. When adding to particles and groundbaits, the very best way the UKMA team have found to get an even coating is to pour the liquid over both of your hands, then massage the liquid into the bait for an even distribution. This will ensure that every time you put free offerings into your swim, the flavour release should be as near on consistent as you can get it.

Final Thoughts

On first impressions these handy pots of hookbaits from BANK BUG will find great favour amongst the thousands of anglers who fish day ticket runs water during the warmer months but there potentials don’t stop there. They will also be a great back up bait option to consider for the seasoned session angler to have in their bag for something different to try when your usual bait has produced nothing. The RECEPTOR-1 HOOKBAITS are supplied in 150ml pots and these sell for £6.50 per pot (all sizes and type). The RECEPTOR-1 ADDITIONS are supplied in 250ml pots and these cost £7.99 per pot. The final member of the family is the RECEPTOR JUICE, this is sold in 250ml screw top bottles and these will set you back £10.00 per bottle. A very useful selection of hookbaits and liquid booster that will definitely find a place in most session and day ticket angler bait bag, and well worth a look if you want to try something different on your next session.


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