Dynamite Baits 30mm Pellet Range

Wed 09 October 13


If you are one of the many anglers who get pleasure catching big carp and catfish on big baits from river and lakes in the UK and abroad, here’s something slightly different from Dynamite Baits that will really interest you. The Nottingham based bait company have by combining both boilie and pellet manufacturing technologies, been able to produce these massive 30mm hookbaits. These combined processes makes these massive pellets soft enough to hair rig without having to drill them in advance. These 30mm big fish hookbait options have a very hard texture to withstand the attention of nuisance fish and are designed to offer a slower breakdown, releasing attractants into your swim for up to 3 day. Which when targeting a possible fish of a lifetime means your baited rig spends more time in the water.

Dynamite 30mm Pellet Range

There are currently six flavours available to the angler in the 30mm Pellet range and they all have one thing in common, they stink! You have the heavily glugged and very pungent Bloodied eel which is dark brown, one of the biggest selling baits of the past decade The Source in it’s distinctive red, the classic fish aroma of the Squid & Octopus which are chocolate brown, Green Lipped Mussel, Marine Halibut with it’s usual pail brown appearance and the ever popular Robin Red to complete the set. Each of these flavours will seriously take some missing even in the murkiest and deepest of water you fish in. You get on average thirty x 30mm pellets per box and you should expect to pay around £9.70 per box. A must have bait if you are part of the European exodus every spring in search of big river catfish and carp.

Dynamite 30mm Pellet close up

TOP TIPSUKMA spoke to a big river carp & catfish specialist who told us to “triple up on your baits and don’t be shy with the feed when targeting these big beasts”. You can lasso your pellets to create a pile of bait or Hair Rig your baits, the response is the same. If carp are your target species try using a single washed out 30mm pellet as this will fool most carp into thinking the bait has been in the water for a long period of time and they won’t see it as being a potential danger.


Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/