Dynamite Baits Crave Boilie Range

Mon 04 March 13


With there now being more bait companies popping up on the social media networks than seems to be anglers, it has become really hard to believe all the hype. With claims of this bait and that bait catching this and that fish but no consistent proof or images to substantiate these claims, I for one take most of it with a pinch of salt. But then you get a carp angling legend like Terry Hearn putting his name and reputation on the line about a bait he has personally spent months developing and you really have no choice but to start taking things a little bit more seriously. The team at UKMA first heard about the new fishmeal based bait Mr Hearn had put his name to around 6 months ago, so with the weather due to warm up we felt it was time to call Dynamite HQ and give it the full once over, before we headed out on the bank to see just how well it would perform!!

Vital Statistics
Rather than rant on ourselves about this exciting new range, we decided to let Terry tell you in his own distinctive style. To watch the video at the bottom of this review

The CRAVE is now available from all leading Dynamite Baits Stockists and is now available in 10mm, 15mm & 20mm shelf life options. If Fresh or Freezer bait are your personal preference then Dynamite have also made these are available in 15mm and 18mm options and you should expect to pay around £9.99 per kg on all boilies in the CRAVE range. To accompany the bottom baits, you have the Fluro pop ups which have a washed out pink appearance that is designed to mimic a washed out bottom bait and proven to catch numerous fish during testing. These are available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes and will set you back around £6.25 per pot. To enhance the flavour release from your bottom baits you have the Crave Boosted Hookbait Dip that sells for around £9.49 per 20ml bottle and for your particles and groundbaits you have the Crave Liquid Attractant that will cost you around £9.99 for a 250ml squirt top bottle.

Note – As per usual the UKMA team will be taking the CRAVE range out on the bank to see just how well it performs out on the bank but to keep the testing in perspective, we’ll wait until things warm up a bit before we have a play so watch this space for our “Out on the bank” field test results



Visit the Website: http://www.dynamitebaits.com/